Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Shared Thank you

"The quilts from Quilts of Valor honoring the combat service and sacrifice
of Jonathan F, David F, and Homer H,  were the most
beautiful I have ever seen.  Thank you for allowing David to present Mr.
H.'s quilt. He was so surprised and we all cried. I am sure you hear it
a lot but to honor these active, retired, and former military(Marine you
know) veterans in this way is absolutely wonderful. I have spent my whole
life surrounded by the military."

Thanks again,
Helena F.

Quilts came from Linda in Alaska. Joheather in Michigan, and Laurel in

It's always nice to receive a thank you to remind us how much the Quilts of
Valor are appreciated by those who receive them as well as those who
request for friends and loved ones.

Reg. 9
Quilting to Honor and Comfort

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