Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pattern Inspiration from Lori

Remember Lori?  Our Spotlight Sunday?  

She emailed a few photos of some Quilt of Valor she has made, and I thought they would be great inspiration for this week!!!

I do not have  favorite - but can you imagine the looks on the faces of the reciepients? These are truly wonderful Quilts of Valor!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spotlight Sunday

This weeks Spotlight Sunday takes us to the West Coast... to the Deputy Director of Quilts of Valor... Lori !!!   Just so you know - Lori is modest.... and you can tell by her story - but she is a dynamo!! 

Sit back and enjoy!!!

Here is Lori!!! Love that sweatshirt you are sporting!!

Debbie and Lori
This story isn’t really about me, it is about the Quilts and those who have stood in harm’s way that receive them. Being part of the Quilts of Valor community has really taught me that quilts are magical, and being part of something so much greater than one’s self is truly life changing.

I have been sewing since I was a kid. I got my own sewing machine for my 16th birthday. I made most of my clothes while I was school age. I married young, so continued to sew because that was always a less expensive way to get things like clothing, curtains and home d├ęcor items. When I had a baby it was a really inexpensive way to keep her in cutesy outfits. Then I started having problems with my machine and just convinced myself I couldn’t sew! It was years I didn’t sew a stitch. Then my friend Debby convinced me it was the machine and not me. She said that if I got a good machine in good working order, I would be off and sewing again. She was so right. I started with a pretty bare bones basic machine and sewed so much I wore the poor little thing out. I traded up and purchased a little more elaborate machine. I sewed on that one for many years and I also invested in a serger. 

Now nearly 20 years later I have added a room onto my house to accommodate my addiction. It is a 15 by 16 foot sewing studio I designed. It has lots of cupboards, cabinets and counter space. It accommodates my 3 sewing tables and all my equipment nicely including my HQ16 by HandiQuilter.

I started making quilts about 20 or so years ago. Once again my friend Debby said “If I can do it you can do it!” I purchased a book called “Quilts in a Hurry” by Rita Weiss. The method is called strip piecing. Well I had success and the rest is just an obsession out of control!

How I found out about Quilts of Valor of course, was another adventure with my friend Debby. 

About 7 years ago we were looking around on the Internet for information about long arm machines. We came upon a web site for a long arm dealer in Michigan called Accomplish Quilting. On that site, was an appeal for quilters to make quilts for wounded soldiers. We agreed that quilting for soldiers was something we could do. So, we made our first Quilts of Valor and sent them off to Michigan to be added to the rest of the quilts collected by Accomplish Quilting. 

Then I got to thinking about… why were we sending our completed quilts to a long armer when we could be sending it some where direct? So once again I got on the Internet and Googled Quilts of Valor. I found the web site for the Quilts of Valor Foundation. There I read the story of Catherine Roberts a Blue Star Mom who wanted to do something for returning service people who had been wounded during their service in Iraq or Afghanistan. 

I e-mailed her for more information and she promptly responded. I started making Quilts of Valor, and with her direction sending them off directly to Military Hospitals across the country. I think I have made well over 400 now. I am averaging about one a week. I usually piece several and then I quilt a stack and then I work on the hand work. I always machine piece and quilt and then hem all the bindings by hand. I also hand stitch on my labels.  I send them off about 8 to 10 quilts in a shipment. I never tire of this project. It has truly become my passion. It is my goal to involve as many quilters as I can to quilt honor and comfort for those touched by war.

The first time we shared the Quilts of Valor story with the local Quilt Guild was about 6 or 7 years ago. Debby and I thought QOV was an awesome project and that of course they would jump at the chance to help. I have to say that the response was temped at best. But Debby and I just kept at it. Because we knew at some point we would wear them down and get them to sew for the cause. We knew we had to get more volunteers to help cover those touched by war. 

In late March that year, the Wenatchee World published an article about us and the Quilts of Valor project. That story was picked up by a few other papers and it also was published on the Internet. 

The phone started ringing and interest started growing. We made “How to get started!” information sheets and made them available everywhere we could think of that had anything to do with sewing or fabric. Interest continued to grow. We also got local quilt shops to sponsor and host “QOV Community Sew Days”. Block packets were made available at the stores and guild meetings and the finished blocks started coming back to the quilt shops. I am still getting calls from interested quilters and blocks continue to come in. We also receive donated fabric from retired quilters who still want to help. 

Lori, Al, and Catherine

Our sew days have evolved into “Veteran’s sewing for Veteran’s. After a large presentation a year ago December many of the veteran’s who received quilts wanted to help. It didn’t see right to take their money so we asked them to come and learn to sew. We were pleased with the result! Over the past year they have made 25 quilts. 

I take the QOVF story with me where ever I go.  “How to get started information”, brochures and the “bare bones requirements” are always in my purse. When I am on vacation I go to all the fabric stores and quilt shops I can find and spread the word. I also get on the Internet and e-mail quilt shops and quilt guilds to spread the importance of our mission.  I have shared the QOV message with all my friends and family and they help spread the word as well. I call it the ripple effect. It is working!

I have been truly blessed to hear from 40 recipients of my quilts. The first one was a phone call. I was very emotional when I heard the phone message. I called him back and we spent 15 or 20 minutes chatting. I was so overwhelmed that I was talking to one of my Heroes I didn’t think to ask any questions. It is a good thing my husband was home to coach me. I learned that he had been in the Marine Corps. Then sometime after his discharge served in the Army for several years. He had served multiple tours in the Middle East. He was proud to serve his country. He was recovering from his wounds but faced more surgeries to correct some damage in the spine. He was so pleased to have received a quilt and to know that some one cared. 

The other letters I have received have been the same type of response. They are surprised that someone cares and they are glad to know they have support. Some share stories of the incident when they were wounded. Some share what they are doing now, and some share personal information. They say that their hearts were touched and some say they were brought to tears in receiving a tangible gift of thanks. I always get weepy when I read their letters because I am just so pleased that they take the time to contact me. It is just a huge bonus to this project. 

I certainly don’t do this to get anything back. I do this as “thank you” to those who are willing to stand in harm’s way and risk their lives to protect me, my family, my country and my freedom. The only reason I seek publicity at all is certainly not for myself but to spread the word and get others interested to helping the cause.

It is important to me that these service members and veterans get a thank you, because of what happened to both my brothers, and how terribly they were treated upon their return from serving their country. They are both Vietnam Veterans. They both have service related injuries and disabilities. When they returned home there was no gratitude, honor or celebration by our Nation. There was no support or appreciation. My oldest brother was actually spit on in an airport. They have had struggles getting support from the Veterans Administration and I won’t even go into the struggle for benefits. This just can’t happen again. Not to anyone. Not on my watch! This is why I quilt for the cause.

I have done lots of volunteer work in my time. I have been the Chapter Chairman for March of Dimes; I have volunteered for Make a Difference Day, Habitat for Humanity, for the Red Cross. I have even donated my hair to Locks of Love. But nothing has been as rewarding and as my Quilts of Valor journey. 

I have met lots of outstanding and interesting people. It has just been wonderful. It has truly touched and changed my life to know that something as simple as stitching a quilt, some thing I love to do, can heal someone’s heart and spirit.

My Mother used to always tell me
 “Your talents are gifts from God; how you use those talents is your gift to God.” 
So this whole thing is just the giving of a gift.

Thank you SO much Lori!! You are a great inspiration. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know her a little better!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Progress Friday

Its that time again!! Time to let us see what you are working on... it can be anything - from a picture of your new fabric choices, cutting something up, Blocks in progress.... just inspire us!! I love to see what is going on in the QOV World. 

Please remember - when you link up to send us to that specific link...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From Region 8

Oh this is good!!! You all better grab a cup of something!!! me - its Dr Pepper... even in the morning!!

Here we go....

31 quilters from FL, NC, TN, and GA met in the north Georgia mountains last weekend to make Quilts of Valor. 

 We had a goal of 85 quilts for a Returning Warrior Weekend, in February, 2012.  I am ecstatic to report we have our 85 plus some for the Charlie Norwood VAMC in Augusta, AND we will  be sent 5 down range to help Marcella make her weekly goal.

Pat Walker of Pat'Ts Calico Cottage brought two Gammill long arm machines and we kept them going all weekend.

We made a raffle quilt so smaller groups that need to raise money for
batting and backing can sell raffle tickets and make some money for their
local group.  This is the quilt top, it's called Uncle Sam and will be
custom quilted. 

This is me, sewing on binding.  I usually don't get to quilt, I am busy
with details, and coordinating .

Our block drive before the retreat resulted in hundreds of patriotic
strips that several quilters used to make their quilt tops.  Others worked
on their own QOV projects

Look how happy everyone
looks! It's because we are doing something that makes our hearts

Way to go quilters!!! This is a great way to get everyone involved - I LOVE it!! So when you get these quilts out, we will all be routing for you!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pattern Inspiration from Nancy

Nancy - Of Washington and Arizona has sent in two great pictures of quilts she is working on for our 12 in 12 Quilt of Valor Challenge!!  I bet you will love them!!!

QOV 1 is a Split 9 patch 60 X 75.  Made blocks as I had scraps cut.  Started last year and finished top in 2012

QOV 2 is called Diamond Double.  A pattern by Cozy quilt designs.
This one is 61.5 X 72

Nancy Thank you SO much for sharing - both of these are so great!!! I may have to go check out the pattern for the Diamond Double!! Such a great effect.!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spotlight Sunday 1/22/12

This weeks Spotlight Sunday is headed over to Kansas!!   Katy and Martha are the Regional Coordinators in this state - and have a lot of other helpers....

They Have a brigade returning, with 400 soldiers in it, and are trying to make sure they have a QOV for every soldier.... here is an explaination from Katy....

 Well a couple months ago I made a request for 350 quilts from everyone.
We have had quilts starting to trickle into Kansas from other states to
help us with our effort of gathering 400 quilts to present to the
returning 4-4 Cavalry Brigade from Ft. Riley. (They have made national
news headlines from the number of casualties they've had this

We recently received a large stack of quilts from the Eisenhower
Presidential Library & Museum. And our sew-in in Wichita produced 30
quilts last month. This brings the total number of quilts we've
accumulated so far to 180 quilts!

The presentation is tentatively set for the end of March 2012. So that leaves
us very little time to gather the remaining 220 quilts. If you can find
it in your heart to please send us a few quilts, it would be so greatly
appreciated. And it will be going to a soldier at Ft. Riley who greatly
needs it's comfort.

And here is a little bit about how the Kansas bee got its start...

QOV Kansas was the brainchild of Katy Vickers (QOV member since November 2004) and Cassandra Carson (QOV member since October 2005.) The Bee officially started in February 2006 with only 4 members. After the semi-annual PQG show in June of 2006, the membership exploded. The first few months the new Bee had to jump around from site to site looking for a place to work. In August of 2006, Asbury United Methodist Church opened it's doors to the Kansas Bee, and allowed it to have a home there through 2008. In January 2009 we moved to "The Green Zone" at Scholfield Honda.  It is the old showroom that was renovated with all green materials, from the carpet up, and allows us a very nice meeting space, with storage cabinets for our supplies. As of February 2011 we will be meeting on the Second Saturday every month at Tyler Road Baptist Church, located at 571 S. Tyler Road, just off of Kellogg/54 in west Wichita.

The goal behind QOV Kansas is to provide a way to get more people involved in making QOVs on a local scale. With the obligations of hearth and home, it is hard to find time to make an entire quilt top by yourself. By joining the Bee, you have the opportunity to work with others to complete what otherwise would be difficult to do alone.

The advantage of joining the Bee is being able to draw on the knowledge of life long quilters. Even if you don't know how to sew a stitch, you are welcome if you are wanting to learn and lend a helping hand. We especially encourage youth and teens to become involved!

Martha has signed on as well, and is the co regional coordinator... they have many other areas that are involved and have wonder leaders spearheading the efforts - you can find out more about Kansas at

Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Progress Friday

I thought that others might like to see what Quilt of Valor project you are working on. I know that I am in the process of doing Persimmon Quilts Mystery, and who knows what else I may start - but I love looking at what others are doing for inspiration.

So Link up here - you can add a blog link, or a link to a flicker photo.... Let us see what you are working on!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quilts of Valor on the Web

I thought that maybe I would bring some attention to some great links that are happening on the web with Quilts of Valor... There are some amazing groups out there!!

In Gualala CA  They are  busy Covering soldiers in Palo Alto!!!

In Independence Township  Donna B and her crew are super busy!

In Mobile Alabama!!

The Upper Midwest 

I am sure there are many more - but these sure were fun to read and see how the rest of the US is busy working!!

Do you have a link you want to share? Email it to me, and we will include it too!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Did you know that the Quilt of Valor community is really trying hard to stay connected?  There are so many great people and groups working to make sure our Veterans are covered, thanked and are feeling the love.

We have a chat group - QOVFchat on the yahoo groups
We have a website - 
And we are on Facebook!!

On that website you can search for quilting groups in your area, or if you start a quilting group you can register it, and maybe more will find you!

You can also look for quilt shops !

You can also find all the information to request a LongArm quilter , request a destination, ask for help, and more

There is also a free pattern section. To help you stay inspired !

Hope to see you around one of these areas!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The QOV Mystery 21

Is progressing right along.... thought I would remind you all of the clues that have been posted.
The start of the mystery is Here

And then the next two clues:
Clue 1

Clue 2

I don't think it is too late to join in at all !!!

So how is everyone doing? Are you posting pictures someplace?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Spotlight 1/15/12

This weeks Spotlight Sunday takes us to central Wyoming - Shoshoni to be exact!!!

Stephanie is the owner of Sheep Camp Quilt Supply, and her quilt shop is dedicated to helping make Quilts of Valor!   Stephanie has her store out in the country and its a beautiful site. She has recruited quilters from Riverton and the surrounding areas to help make Quilts.

Our shop, Sheep Camp Quilt Supply, has been a QOV shop for 4 years and
UOW (Under our Wings) shop for 1. This past Sept. we held an event where 40 volunteers spent an evening and a day sewing up 38 quilt tops. They were quilted, bound, and then distributed at a ceremony on Dec. 13 at our local VFW.

Recipients were from WWII, Korean War, Desert Storm, Iraq, and
Afghanistan, as well as peacetime vets who served in other countries. It
was a very moving, very honoring, and very special evening for the
nearly 150 people in attendance. By the way, our town only has about
10,000 people in it to begin with! We were EXTREMELY pleased with the
turnout at both events. We even received front page coverage in our
local newspaper and lead-in news story on our state-wide TV station - Stephanie

This is at the presentation. Her husband got to help be the MC, and he was wonderful. She said it was such an honor to be able to say "Thank You" personally.

The Recipients!

A disclaimer - I ( Alycia) had to travel up that way a bit ago, so I thought I would stop by and say hi!   Which was actually quite fun, I surprised Stephanie, and did a little bit of shopping in her store.  So I asked if I could take a picture of her.... working of course....
My family was with me, and they fell in love with this little sheep camp trailer.... it is a wagon that the sheep herders would stay in, while they babysat their sheep out in the wilderness. It has a little bunk bed, and cooking supplies so that the herders could stay with their herd - no matter where they were.

And the sign so that you know where you are!

And I think she might be in some of the most scenic country around - check this out....

Stephanie has a wonderful sewing room, and is in the process of planning 2 large events for 2012.

Currently they meet the 3rd Thursday of every month at 10 am to sew for Quilts of Valor!

 If you live in this area, or near it, you should contact her and get involved. She and her crew can make things happen. Her website - with all of their under our wings information - can be found at

Friday, January 13, 2012

A Thank you

This Thank you was recently sent in to our Website - thought you all might enjoy reading it.

I would like to thank your entire organization for what you ALL do. We
received about a dozen of quilts from you a few weeks back, just in time for
CHRISTMAS. They were snatched up quickly and now lay on our beds to add color to
our rooms. We are serving at a very small base and for someone at a bigger
base to forward your quilts that you made to us made our holiday season very
special. I know I just packed mine up to take home with me to show my family
the great work you all do for us. My family makes quilts for the family and
I already started discussing with my parents about how we can help in your
cause. Thank you so much once again. Just like we can never receive enough
Thank you's from you, we can never give you enough thank you's either.

Anthony L, NC

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updates from our Destinations Coordinator

Hello Everyone,

This year I would like to keep everyone updated every week on the number of
quilts being assigned to Quilts of Valor weekly and monthly standing

There are six weekly destinations, all overseas, that need 60 quilts EVERY
week in order to cover wounded service members who are either in Afghanistan
or Germany. Last week (1/1-1/7) there were 7 quilts assigned to these
destinations. A shortage of 53 quilts for the week.

There are twelve monthly destinations that need 130 quilts each month (an
average of 33 quilts a week). There were 10 available to be assigned to
these destinations last week. A shortage of 23 when looking at the weekly
average needed. One destination is overseas, four are wounded warrior
transition battalions, another four are VA medical centers and the other
three treat service members affected in various ways by their time in the
war zone.

We also have one new weekly destination that is not yet included in these
numbers. The Point of Contact (POC) is a Medevac pilot with the 82nd
Airborne deployed in Eastern Afghanistan. He is operating on the Pakistani
border and personally transports an average of 5 wounded service members
each week.

For the month of December we were 173 quilts short of the needed quantity
for the weekly and monthly destinations...

Thank you for helping to cover those touched by war.

Marcella Pirner-Cormier

Destination Coordinator

Quilts of Valor Foundation

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Presentations made in Nebraska

These are pictures  from our November presentation of 35 QOVs made by NE 4-H members this past year.

The 4-H QOVs were displayed at various county fairs around the state and finally at the NE State Fair in late August/early September.  Julia S and I were invited to the presentation at the State Fair where the kids received their ribbons and awards. 

After the Fair, the quilts were stored until the National Extension Educators Conference which was held in Omaha, NE in October. 

We had all 35 on display at the conference. In addition, the QOV 4-H curriculum developed by Nebraska extension educators was made available to extension educators from other states in hopes that they, too, adopt QOV as a service (and quilting!) project for their 4-H youth.

Look at that awesome stack of Quilts!!!

Sara and Julia - you guys rock!! Great thinking to get the 4H involved and teach them about community service!  Thanks for sharing what your area is up to!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spotlight Sunday

This Weeks Spotlight Sunday is J. Marie - she is the Oregon Coordinator for Quilts of Valor. Just listening to the areas that she covers.... this girl needs her own helicopter!!!

Being an Army brat and an ex-military wife now married to an Airforce Vietnam Vet with a son-in-law who has seen 2 deployments and is in the process of a medical discharge and also 2 nephews (1 still active 1 not) I am very passionate that our troops receive all the care and thank-you's we can give them. 

My 11 year old grandson is adament he is going in the Army when he grows up so he can be like his great-grandfather (my dad) a true quiet hero who told his story in public at the traveling wall this year for the first time ever since his return in May of 1968.  He is the recipiant of the DSC(Distinguished Service Cross) for saving 9 of his men's lives the night he was injured.  I have been quilting for 40+ years and his was the first QOV I made. 

This picture is of  The Quilt of Valor with him and myself when I presented it to him at our local quilt show.

J. Marie has sewing groups going all over the state. She has one in Weston , Ukiah, and the  Salem/Eugene area.  They are working on a presentation of 68 quilts for a helicopter group that returned in July.

If you are interested in getting involved in one of these groups feel free to contact J. Marie. She is the Oregon coordinator, listed on the Regional Coordinators page of the site.

OH!!! And she has a sew in coming up in Pendleton... sure wish I could fly out there. I have been to Pendleton with my dad!! We loved it!!  Here is the info if you can join in!

January 14, 2012, 10:00 am to 4:00pm
Thimbles Fabric-N-More
1849 Westgate Place
Pendleton, OR 541-278-7910
Come help us make quilts to cover those who have helped to keep our way of life Free.
Kits will be available
Have your own QOV you're working on bring it .
Maybe, we can help you finish it.
Don't know how to quilt come
"Under our Wings"
and we will help you learn.
Donations of fabric, thread and cash welcome and needed.
Quilts of Valor Foundation a National Non-Profit Foundation,
founded by Catherine Roberts
covering and caring for those touched by war who keep us FREE.
Bring your sewing machine, tools and a sack lunch and join us for a day of fun and service to those who have served for us.
For More Info:
J. Marie Norris, Oregon State Coordinator

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quilts of Valor - What Sort of Medal is THAT?

Your elders have forever warned you – “Never get in a car with a stranger”. Gee… Why on earth would you give a ride to a stranger or two or three?

You are on a Mission.

If you have ever lived in the Washington DC area, you know the difference between a tough-skinned terrestrial mollusk (slug) and the absurd concept of sharing a ride with people you have yet met (strangers – aka – SLUGS).

The Mission? To serve Honor and Comfort upon Lance Corporal Skerry at his family’s home north of Fredericksburg, VA.

The issue? A 5:30 appointment at the home of Lance Corporal Skerry that would be a tight fit two hours away in Washington, DC traffic.

Discover the "rest of the story" - HERE

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A giveaway!!! And a QOV Mystery!!

******This drawing is now closed - the winner is Kelly at Praire Sage Quilts****** THANKS for playing!!!

Leann over at Persimmon Quilts  does a LOT of Quilt of Valor mystery patterns. She tests them on Lori, and a few others in the QOV group and then, once they are tested she releases them to us!!  She says that they are not super hard, there are 1/2 square triangles in them, but everyone can do these patterns.

She has launched a new one for this year - the fabric Requirements are up, and the cutting for the first clue. The first clue will be Jan 7th, and the last clue will be February 11th.

A LOT of you have said you are interested in trying to either make or quilt, or a combination of both  to be a part of the 12 Quilts of Valor challenge this year.... so .... I have a great giveaway for you!!! 

FABRIC to make this mystery!! It requires

Background.......... 2 1/2 yds
Blue....................... 1 1/2 yds

Red.......................  2 yds

and I HAVE it for you!!!  You will be a little behind, but hey - the pressure is there to make you work harder right LOL!

Now!! There are strings attached!! I am assuming that you will be making a Quilt of Valot with this fabric, and when you are done, you will either request a destination from the QOVF website, or present it locally.... right?

If you want to enter this drawing - leave a comment ( AND A WAY TO CONTACT YOU) on this post before Sunday January 8th. I will draw a number on the 8th, and will contact you - so I can get the fabric in the mail by Monday. You won't have too much to catch up on that way!!

Tell everyone about it, if there are more that 50 entries - I will find another set of fabric to giveaway!! 

This fabric was donated from my stash and not paid for by the QOV Foundation

Monday, January 2, 2012

News from Wisconsin

You all HAVE to check this out!!   #2422
Go to this website - it is videos of Sewing with Nancy - and look for episode 2422. About 19 minutes and 20 seconds into the video - on comes KAREN and Quilts of Valor!!!

Karen is the regionals coordinator for... get this... are you Ready?   Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin!!! Can you imagine? Thats a  lot of territory!!!   But if you want to get in contact with her you can find her in the Regional Coordinators section on the website.

Thanks Karen for sharing this!!!

This picture is taken at the Machine Quilting Today show in Milwaukee,  last August - and the individual wrapped in his QOV is a VietNam vet.

The next one ( below) Show Karen in the background, The man handing out the QOV's is Jim S of Quilters Rule - Karen says he is a QOV angel!!

Jim helped present 9 Quilts of Valor that day! You all Rock!!! You can always find Karens contact info on the site under regional Coordinators in WI.  Thanks!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spotlight Sunday

This Sunday Spotlight Quilt of Valor person (okay people!!) Are:

Tink and Dick L in the SE Wisconsin quilt of Valor group. First off - you need to know that these are some very very very prolific people.... Second, you need to know that a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate might be wise at this point....

Did you get it? Alright - we are ready to rock and roll!!

First off - Meet Dick L. He rocks! He Rules! He Quilts!!! This is Dick's first pieced quilt in progress. He is using blocks they recieved from Sew Cal Gals block drive for QOV!! A group effort -- LOVE IT!!

On the 4th Saturday of Each Month

Staff open early for us at 9:30 so we can get the coffee brewing, the extension cords &  machines set up, and the irons plugged in. We always do a potluck so the kitchen counters, fridge, and stove top are quickly filled with goodies. We meet the fourth Saturday of every month - except December.

We are totally casual - show up when you can, stay as long as you can, and if you don’t bring a project, we’ll be happy to put you to work! We always do a ‘show and tell’ of members creations before getting to work. We are blessed to have a delightful and dedicated group of quilters
and invite anyone in the area (or visiting) to join us (one quilter drives 90 miles each way!) Skill level doesn’t matter - just come with a smile and you’ll fit right in!

Up-coming EventsMarch 2012

Dick and I ( Tink) will be doing a QOV program for a guild on the west side of the Milwaukee Metro Area. Dick usually does the speaking - the ladies seem to really appreciate a man who speaks quiltese! Dick will also be able to show off the first QOV that he pieced on his own!

 Wisconsin ( Dick & I attended the GFWC’s 2011 annual convention in Tomah, WI where we presented QOVs to members of the Color Guard and to the Mayor - all Veterans!
MAY 2012:   Again this year Quilts of Valor is the President’s Special Project for the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs -

That generated a great deal of enthusiasm among the members, who had made quilts for us. After the presentation and program, several members took quilts home with them to make local presentations. We are honored to again be invited to this year’s annual convention, here in Milwaukee

Quilts of Valor will again have a display at the annual University Days at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts ( on May 11th & 12th. This annual event draws quilters and fiber artists from around the upper Midwest for two days of classes, demos, and lectures.

This year’s featured luncheon speakers will be Nancy Zieman (“Sewing with Nancy”) on Friday, and Carol Butzke, a well known quilter, AQS certified quilt historian, appraiser, judge, and author on Saturday. Dick mans the booth and that always attracts the ladies!

( the above two pictures are of the 4H group!)

Earlier this year Dick did a quick program for a 4H group in Cedarburg and worked with them on creating quilt tops. In October several students presented us with their completed QOVs at a ceremony at the WI Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts. We look forward to a continued sewing relationship with the 4H!

Books for Soldiers
We have a wonderful relationship with Karen, the mover behind the local Books for Soldiers group, operating out of the Franklin (WI) Public Library ( ).
At a pillowcase sewing day in May we were able to present a Quilt of Valor to a local soldier home from Afghanistan. ( picture above)

 In November one of Karen’s volunteers (and an Army mom) personally delivered one of our QOVs to a soldier at the VA hospital in Tampa, FL. Several of her regular volunteers are interested getting involved in Quilts of Valor, so we hope to get regular QOV sewing days scheduled there.

Jason Moon is a Wisconsin singer/songwriter and Veteran of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.  We presented him with a musically themed QOV created by our Peggy Mislock of Pennsylvania.  (he was performing at a fund raiser for the Homeless Veterans Initiative)
So are you all worn out yet? I got tired just thinking about organizing all this... and I rarely tire!! These two and their groups are SO impressive. I can't figure out what my favorite part is... but the 4H stuff is pretty cool!!  Teaching these up and coming quilters - I LOVE it!!
Hope you enjoyed this spotlight. If you live in any of these areas and want to drop in or get involved - please do - they would love to have you!
Several of our quilters have been working with their 4H members on creating Quilts of Valor.

May 2012

On Saturday, January 28th we will kick off our third year of monthly gatherings at Ye Olde Schoolhouse Quilts in Cedarburg, WI (A 2010 Top Ten Shop located at 318 Green Bay Rd., Cedarburg, WI - 262-377-2770 ).