Monday, March 16, 2015

Comfort For Those Who Served

An email received from one our Regional Coordinators"

"During my tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, I have heard about the Quilt of Valor from one of the soldiers that was assigned to one of the Marine units and I have always thought that this was a wonderful idea and a huge comfort for those who have served.  As a veteran, I never thought about the sacrifices that I have done; other than it was my duty and mission to get it done and remembering those fallen angels whom have given their lives for the freedom that I now enjoy.  Not a moment that goes by that I think about the lives of my men and those that I was so close to and it's hard to not take it personal.  My mere words can only express my gratitude to you and the women who will put my quilt together but I hope to meet these gentle angels in person and to personally thank each of them for the labor of love, time and energy into each of the many quilts that they have prepared for so many veterans."

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Happens To A QOV When A Veteran Passes On?

Recently we were asked, "What happens to a quilt when the veteran passes on?"

Our response:

A Quilt of Valor is an Award. They are not “on loan.” We, the quilters, the awarders, are no longer in charge with what happens to a veteran’s Quilt of Valor when he or she passes. We put a label on our quilts so that they will serve as a reminder for generations to come that this family member has served and sacrificed for all of us. Perhaps it has even served as a way for that veteran to open up and share some of what they were required to do in defense of this country. 
If asked by the family, we would tell them to cherish it as they did the veteran to whom it was awarded. To pass it along to children and grandchildren. We would hope there are many years of comfort and warmth left in the QOV for those left behind.
For those who die without family, there is someone who will take care of the deceased last wishes. What would they do with his/her Purple Heart? Metal of Honor? Many family members said their veteran asked that their Quilt of Valor be displayed at the funeral or laid over their casket. It if is buried with this veteran, so be it. It is no longer ours to decide. In no case would we take it back and re-award it.