Monday, June 30, 2014

A WWII Nurse

We received the following letter from the daughter of a WWII nurse, she is now in her 90s.

Just spoke with Mother.  Indeed the neighbors had called my sister in regard to a box on Mother's porch.  My sister opened the box for Mother and described visually how beautiful the QOV was. In speaking with Mother she was holding the quilt and could not put into words what it all means to her  - for the honor and recognition of her service, the time, expense and effort in making the quilt and sending it across the country -all by grateful Americans she has never met. 

She commented on the wonderful quality of the quilt and how soft it was.  Mother was quite a seamstress during her life and made all our school clothes until we were in high school. She knows quality, even if she can't see it!

I am speechless and can find no words to express what a wonderful expression of gratitude for Mother's WWII service. She did mention, if she is able to ride again in the military parade on Veteran's Day, she and her friend, another WWII nurse, she will place her QOV across their laps.

Thank you seems such an unworthy ending for this wonderful afternoon QOV has provided.

With warmest regards - Candy