Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More Inspiration from MSP

I wanted to share with you images of Sergeant Major's Quilt of Valor to be
presented August 1.

The quilt was created by Sandy M. and quilted by Sharon B.
(presenting tomorrow).

If you have the opportunity tomorrow, after the presentations, look
carefully at the quilting.

The words emblazoned in the quilt and in the hearts of recipients, such as
the Sergeant Major, are:

Courage, Perseverance, Hope, Family, Love

Best Regards,

Jeff T.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moda Stars Quilt

Here is a quilt top I made  today with Moda stars.  I am getting it ready to be shown at a quilt guild where I
will be speaking next Thursday evening.

The panel is called Tribute to 911 and I got it through  Ruby and Tom are venders of fabric and
panels that I see often at quilt shows.  They have it on back order,
if you are interested.

I hope everyone is taking it easy with the extreme heat!

submitted by
Cynthia C

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Family

This is Beth C. with her dad for whom she made a Quilt of Valor.

The second photo is Beth’s quilt in
the Original Sewing & Quilting EXPO travelling show this year.

Beth works full time and has just turned in her 50th Quilt of Valor.
Bless those quilters whose hands are never still!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Barbara F at Dover

here is a photo of the quilt presented to 2nd Lt. Lori F, at Dover Air Force Base Mortuary, by Barbara F, of Little Egg Harbor, NJ and the beautiful note of thanks from Lori

Click in the picture to make it bigger

Great job Barbara!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Montana in July

This was submitted bu Sheila in Montana. I just wanted to show you that even the busiest of people make a VERY big difference .... Thanks Sheila - you deserve a day with your feet up ;-)

My head is spinning right now as I finish up July.

We were able to present two Purple Heart recipients from the Iraqi War
(both serving with the MT National Guard) with QOVs;

QOV presented to a Vietnam Veteran with 3 Purple Hearts who is undergoing
treatment for liver cancer;

Displayed 70 quilts at our County Fair and received many positive
comments; during the Fair three Wounded Warriors
came to see our booth (they were from California and here in Montana to be
treated to some very special activities);
found that 2 out of the 3 had received a QOV, so the 3rd soldier (wounded
in 2003) chose his QOV which I will send
to him;

We have more presentations planned for August;

Sew Days this weekend - July 27th & 28th have been very successful as we
are "stripping" again - making string quilt blocks to use up some of our
pieces in our stash;

PLUS I have had one son & family here for 11 days before PCSg to Japan for
at least 2 years.  He has been deployed to Afghanistan twice, and the
possibility of another deployement.  We are hoping for our younger son to
arrive home soon to his family after his 6th deployment to Afghanistan --
only to be reassigned to another unit which will be deployed in the near
future.  WHEW!!!

Hope all is well with everyone.

-- Sheila G.
   Region 3 (Montana)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A win!!

Saturday, August 11 was the 50th Wedding Anniversary for Everett, a Vietnam
Veteran, and his wife Gloria.  Following their reception they had a family
dinner and asked the Quilt be presented then.  They brought with them the
flag that was flown daily while Everett was serving his country.

Their grandson lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. It was extremely emotional
for all of us.  I shared a little of the "Vietnam experience" for his
family.  Everett shared with us the emotional journey he has been on, at
times his wife helping him express the times.

He said he was going home and pulling his memento box from the attic. He has not opened it since he
put it there some 30+ years ago.   He is going to share with his children
and grandchildren as much as he can.  AND he said he was going to try and
fit into his uniform this year and ride his antique tractor in the local

Again, Quilts of Valor has scored a hit allowing our veterans to once again
stand tall and with pride for their service.

Honoring those touched by war

Sharon L
Idaho Regional Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alaska Long Arm Quilter

One of our own has won an award - check it out!!

Nancy 's Post is here!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Alaska Sew In

Last weekend 16 ladies spent most of three days and evenings sewing for
Quilts of Valor in Wasilla, Alaska. Several others stopped in to find
answers to questions and/or drop off finished quilts. By the end of the
weekend I was pleased to have a stack of 29 finished quilts sitting on the
bed in my guest room.......along with lots of donated fabric. Another 20 or
more tops are now ready to head to longarmers.

One lady brought enough 12" blocks to make about 8 quilts, and got half of
them assembled with nice sashing and borders. She also made backs,
pillowcases and prepared her binding, so now she can load her longarm
machine and quilt away! Another brought 4 completed quilts and finished two
tops in two days.

Some others completed at least one or two tops, and some finished their
third top at home this week. One came with her serger and machine and
whipped together 10 pillowcases and some quilt backs. Then she picked up
three quilts that needed labels and finished those. She'd planned to only
stay for an hour, but time slipped away quickly. <G> We call Patty the
pillowcase queen!

Two ladies finished the binding on two quilts I had just picked up from a
longarmer. Then one proceeded to work up half of a top from a kit I'd taken
to work on myself. Great start to one more QOV, and I sure appreciated
having the binding finished so I can present these two soon.

All in all, I'd say this was a fantastic weekend and made me realize all of
my previous worries were for naught! These ladies of the Mat-Su Valley in
South Central Alaska rock!  We have a special presentation planned for
October and I'm sure our goal will be reached well before that. Then the
remainder of our quilts will be ready for future requests. Thank you
Alaskan quilters!

Linda K., Alaska Regional Coordinator
Quilts of Valor,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Navy Reunion

VR-21 U.S Navy Reunion.  June 14, 2012, San Antonio, TX

This is the group of Vietnam Veterans that I have been gathering quilts for
the past 2 years.  Because of the productivity of the QOV'ers of Lincoln, NE
I was able to reach the goal of 40 quilts.  Our presentation took place at
the Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio.  Members of VR-21 who could not
attend, will receive their QOV via US Postal due to the generosity of their
shipmates.  I asked one wife to stand in for her hubby, he died during the
making of his quilt.  We all enjoyed our stay in San Antonio, a very
friendly town and state!

Submitted by Julia
Co Regional Coordinator
Nebraska ( and all around QOV'er!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Under our Wings Camp in Atlanta

For the second year the Intown Quilt Shop in Atlanta, Georgia hosted our
Under Our Wings camp for middle and high school students.  This year Ginny
W had decided, due to health problems, she just couldn’t organize
it, but the kids insisted, so she “soldiered on”.  In three days they
completed 3 quilt tops and have become seasoned quilters

Atlanta schools require middle and high school students to “earn” a number
of community service hours each year.  These Rookies are earning theirs
making Quilts of Valor for our combat vets.

Here is Ginny!!! Great Job Ginny!!!
You rock!!

Submitted by Susan G - 

Monday, August 6, 2012


Diane in Utah - our famous HMQS Coordinator and Utah Coordinator is currently working on getting 206 more QOV's for the two new VA nursing homes opening in Utah in May 2013. 

There is 108 needed for Southern Utah (Ivins near St George) and 108 in Central Utah (Payson). Diane has 10 QOVs already.

If you are interested in helping, please leave a comment with a way to contact you and I will put you in touch with Diane

Size: 55 x 65 ( minimum) 72 x 90 ( Maximum)
Color: anything goes
Time Frame: Quilts need to arrive by May 2013

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thanks from A-Stan

Again, thank you so much and please know that these quilts really make a
 difference. I've found working here as an ICU nurse that one of the
 hardest  parts isn't so much that these guys have been hurt (most are tough as
 nails,  or at least act the part), but that they do not have friends or family at
 their bedside when they wake up from surgery or are in the recovery
 holding  area. We try our best to get them on the satellite phone home but other
 than  the phone call and our team providing some comic relief and a hand to
 hold,  the quilts are their only comfort from home.  Please pass along our thanks
 to all of the quilters and groups that support your organization.


 SGT Megan E

 NCOIC Intensive Care Unit

Friday, August 3, 2012

High Ground - The Movie

When High Ground - the Movie premiered in Boulder some QOV'ers were invited to attend - check out this you tube video... the second man you see is the husband of our Boulder Area QOV Star!!!