Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Following a Quilt

We recieved an interesting request, and I hope I don't make any mistakes in telling it to you. Karen D ( our MN, ND, SD and WI coordinator) had a Quilter make a Quilt of Valor in honor of her Veteran Father - she made it as a quilter in Green Bay, and wanted it to go to a Veteran from the Green Bay Area.

I am not 100% sure how she found this soldier stationed at Ft Carson - but she did, and they wanted to set up a surprise presentation for him.

There is a wonderful QOV woman down in the Springs, Laura , she is the owner of Na-La's Quilt Shoppe in Fountain.

She arranged a wonderful presentation, and the soldier was VERY surprised....

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  1. The prequel to this story . . Previously I had a student at Fox Valley CC (Appleton) contact me about a pursuasion speech she had to give for class. She wanted to talk about QOV, so I sent her information. In the mean time, I had the quilt maker deliver the quilt to Quilt Expressions in Oshkosh as the owner, Mary, has presented QOV for me in the past. That way it would be in the area when we found the "right" person.

    The student knew Mary and I suggested she borrow the quilt for class. One of the other students knew of this returning soldier and asked if he could get a QOV. Connections were made and now you know "the rest of the story".

    I also had one for presentation in Fargo that was made by a quilter in Fargo but I got it through the Sewing With Nancy Contest in Beaver Dam, WI.

    So don't worry about it if it will to a soldier from your state - it just might no matter the long trip.

    Karen Demaree