Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Happens To A QOV When A Veteran Passes On?

Recently we were asked, "What happens to a quilt when the veteran passes on?"

Our response:

A Quilt of Valor is an Award. They are not “on loan.” We, the quilters, the awarders, are no longer in charge with what happens to a veteran’s Quilt of Valor when he or she passes. We put a label on our quilts so that they will serve as a reminder for generations to come that this family member has served and sacrificed for all of us. Perhaps it has even served as a way for that veteran to open up and share some of what they were required to do in defense of this country. 
If asked by the family, we would tell them to cherish it as they did the veteran to whom it was awarded. To pass it along to children and grandchildren. We would hope there are many years of comfort and warmth left in the QOV for those left behind.
For those who die without family, there is someone who will take care of the deceased last wishes. What would they do with his/her Purple Heart? Metal of Honor? Many family members said their veteran asked that their Quilt of Valor be displayed at the funeral or laid over their casket. It if is buried with this veteran, so be it. It is no longer ours to decide. In no case would we take it back and re-award it.


  1. Beautifully written. I am a piecer for QOV and I hope that every quilt is Loved by the family as the Service man or woman has loved it even after they are gone. Let it be a reminder that their service was appreciated long after they came home from their service by the countrymen they fought for's freedom.

  2. I piece, long-arm, and present for the Freedom Quilters of GA. I had the opportunity to make a quilt for one of my husband's battle buddies from the US Air Force. Unfortunately he passed away from cancer. His wife asked if I minded having the quilt cremated with him. He loved the quilt and it had too many memories for her. My only request of any of the recipients that is that they use the quilt. Whatever the veteran wishes as a final request is for them. When I pass I will have my QoV buried with me because my mother made it for me.