Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Stories to Tell

There are so many stories to tell. One of the special moments for me during our 2017 Conference was hearing from the Quilt of Valor Foundation volunteers. From how they got involved with QoV to why they stay involved. People shared memories of awards that spoke to their hearts and brought tears to their eyes. Hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations were all shared. It was a moment, many moments, that if you sat back and just soaked it in you were given a glimpse of the back of the tapestry that makes up the Quilts of Valor Foundation. It was a reminder, personal reminders, of why we are committed to this organization and its mission.

For the next several weeks I'm hoping this blog can continue in the same spirit and share our special stories. I hope you are reminded of the power and purpose of our mission in the weeks to come. That you find stories that make you laugh, stories that make you cry, and stories that give you the energy and inspiration to keep going.

Thanks Sheila Gordon for sharing the following story.

This quilt was awarded to a veteran in an area where we do not have coverage.  The only person I could find to help was the local Fire Chief. I told him I would ship the quilt with scripting and everything he needed to handle ceremony along with the quilt and some brochures.  

When I had not heard from him in about 10 days, I called to check in.  He was frantic.  Said he did not have my phone number or theirs and did not know what to do to get in touch with me... I'm thinking, have I lost my ever loving mind. I remembered putting scripts, folder, poem, brochures, cards and a note, tucked into the middle of the quilt.... 

Well the Chief called today to ask if I received the picture, then said, your gonna think I'm a goof.  When the veteran took the quilt out of the pillowcase there was all the little treasures I had tucked in the quilt.  Now, I had advised Chief these things would be in there.  But, he would not take the quilt out of the case for fear he could not get it back in...  So, he did not find any paperwork.  

Classic case of Mars and Venus.  Any woman would have pulled out the quilt to look at it, but guys..... No, evidently not....  From now on, I will have to be much more specific....   Given this fiasco, I guess the veteran did not get our regular presentation, but he looked happy!