Saturday, June 30, 2012

QOV in Cozad NE

Oh you all will love to see this - go check out this video link!!

This will defineatly inspire you!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Afghanistan - No the war is not over

Just a heads up that the fighting in Afghanistan is very fierce right now
leading to a substantial increase in the number of wounded. As such, the
number of quilts requested by the standing weekly destinations has increased
from 65 to 105 EVERY WEEK in just the last month. 

The increase by 40 quilts a week includes the addition of the ICU unit at Landstahl in Germany (15 quilts a week), the addition of the medical unit at FOB Shank-East in
Afghanistan (20 quilts a week) and doubling the number of quilts going to
the multinational medical unit at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan (to 10 a
week). These quilts all go to front line wounded service members. There is
no concern about whether they have already received a QOV or not.

Sadly, we will fall far short of meeting this need since the 65 quilts a
week wasn't even being fulfilled. These destinations request patriotic/RWB
only. I'm not asking for a debate here about RWB vs generic/branch
specific/feminine. I'm just telling you what the Points of Contact have

If you would like to help meet this need, please request a destination at

Marcella Pirner-Cormier
Destinations Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seen In Georgia

I love this!!! I think it is such a great idea!!

This is a small town in the North Georgia mountains.  They hung their Quilts of Valor in the
local Wal-Mart for a period to publicize this new QOV group and provide
information about our endeavor.

submitted by Susan

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spotlight Sunday

This weeks Spotlight Sunday takes us to Idaho.... sit back and relax and let's see what Sharon is up to...

My mother, who has dementia, keeps saying, "I just don't know where you got
your talent".   Well, Mom, a lot of it is in my genes.  Grandma Huber was a
tailor and a quilter.  She always said I was her favorite - being the first
grandchild (bet she told my sisters that too).  I spent my summers
perfecting my sewing skills at her hand.  On my Mom's side of the family
was Grandma Hoffman who sewed because she had to........cloths, of course,
but there was always the hand tied quilts, made form worn out denim
coveralls and batting being the wool from the sheep my grandfather raised.
You just didn't move once you crawled into bed!

When I was in the 5th grade, I joined 4-H and the rest is history.  I
remember sitting at the machine, making a dish towel.  A measured PERFECT
1/4" seam had to be turned and then a PERFECT stitch!   I remember tears
streaming as I ripped and ripped..........and guess who was carrying the
whip?  So, thank you Mom, it came from your side too.

I loved to sew and did out of necessity.  I was a tall girl back then and
could find no ready made cloths to fit.  I had long legs and long (monkey)
arms.  Bought cloths were made for short gals with much better proportion
than me.

Fast forward to 2001!  Children grown, retired, thinking I would love to
learn to quilt - after all, it was the rage!  My husband encouraged me to
take a class, learn the art, enjoy!  SO, it's all his fault!!  I learned
two things in the first class, all about quilting tools and OMG look at the
fabrics and books and patterns.  I WAS a woman gone wild!.  That first
class was in July.  At the end of the year I had made a quilt for each of
my grandchildren - all 15 of them.  I bought books and read all I could on
techniques.  I dissected blocks and patterns trying to make the perfect
quilt.  Well, I haven't made one yet!

In 2005, my husband and I moved to Clarkston, WA.  It was here I was first
introduced to the Quilts of Valor Program.   I made a comment to my friend
Kelly......I thought we should work to cover our local men and women
serving in Iraq.  I thought we should maybe have a group.  I thought it
might be nice have a big sew day........And she said "You just do that!"
So was born the Lewis-Clark Quilts of Valor group.  Between my friends
Marilyn and Kelly, we put together a sew day on Nov 11, 2009.  We had a
wonderful time and generated 110 QOV's.  This first "Coming Together"
spawned the Grangeville, ID QOV group and a QOV group in Deary, ID.  We
were the little wave that wanted to spawn a Tsunami!  And we did.

I have to admit, those first QOV's were made for selfish reasons.  I was so
prolific a quilter the LA costs were killing me.  (NO, I do not quilt my
own.  I can see color and pattern but don't have the foggiest idea of what
will make my quilt look awesome.  I leave it to the professionals.)  LA's
would do the quilting free and I could continue my habit.  Then came the
personal presentations.......OMG!  A hug and a tearful soldier on your
shoulder will melt your heart.  Who knew how deep the wounds of these
awesome individuals?  I have been blessed to represent LCQOV at
presentations.  My passion for this project continues to grow deeper with
each presentation.

In March of last year, I was asked to represent QOVF as a Regional
Coordinator.  Living on the border of Washington State and Idaho, I was
asked to be the ID RC.  I have met some of the most wonderful,
extraordinary individuals in the State of Idaho.  New groups continue to
form.  Huckleberry Patches in McCall, ID has grown since our initial
meeting last year.  They are hoping to produce 100 QOV's this year.
Kamiah, ID has a strong group of quilters that has 65 QOV's for 2
presentations this coming Memorial Day.  Both are committing a minimum
of10% of their totals to the Foundation.  These are very small communities
and I am VERY proud of them.

What I do as RC's is miniscule compared to the magnificent men and women
that are the backbone of our Foundation.  Give yourselves a pat on the back
and a big hug.  I am only a quilter and nothing more without you!  Don't be
afraid to use is my job!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


On Saturday June 16, I had the distinct honor to present a Quilt of Valor to Capt. D (airforce).  Being that it was Father's Day weekend, his parents were in from the East coast and they were able to be present for the presentation which made it very special to him.  He is no longer active duty but now helps our PTSD veterans here at the Tucson VA.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet a man who is still giving to our country.  He is a father of 2 beautiful boys, just as cute as can be.

Arizona is busy, busy, busy with QOV's.  I have 10 more individual presentations to schedule and this week I will drop off 9 QOV's to the Tucson Va which will bring our total there so far to 29 since April.  They have such a huge need and our piecers and quilters here in AZ are very busy trying to keep up.  Not only that, we have 2 to send to Meryl in NY for the Women's retreat upstate for their next event.

On Saturday, June 30 I will be holding my first QOV sewing event here at my studio.  I'm looking forward to meeting a few sewers and my goal is to complete a couple tops that day.  I'm slowly growing into this role of Regional Coordinator for my new home state, meeting fellow QOV'ers, finding quilt shops, and trying to keep up with building contractors here at our home.... sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day, but we're getting it organized and when I look at the numbers so far here, I am thrilled!  Arizona QOV'ers are awesome and so supportive of our troops and veterans!

Jackie Dudek
Arizona Regional Coordinator

Saturday, June 16, 2012

a cool Video

hope you all are enjoying your weekend!! I spent an evening with some wonderful veterans and it really inspired me to get to sewing this weekend.... so I hope that this video helps inspire you

click here to get to the video

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day

written by Jeff Thorne - MSP Quilting Angels

In the United States Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second
Continental Congress in 1777.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" is the national anthem of the United States of
America. The lyrics come from "Defence of Fort McHenry", a poem written in
1814 by the 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet, Francis Scott Key, after
witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British Royal Navy ships
in Chesapeake Bay during the Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.

Working as a grade school teacher in Waubeka, Wisconsin, in 1885, Bernard J.
Cigrand held the first recognized formal observance of Flag Day at the Stony
Hill School.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially
established June 14 as Flag Day; in August 1949, National Flag Day was
established by an Act of Congress.

On June 14, 2012, we commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812 and the
FREEDOM which was secured in this battle.

Every moment of every day, the men and women of the United Sates military
serve to protect and defend our freedom under the Flag of the United States
of America - for all of us.

With every piece we sew we create ties that bind together this nation and
each of us with the recipients of our Quilts of Valor.

Though we may never know the depth of their service and sacrifice to protect
and defend this Great Nation - we are humbled and privileged to Honor and
Comfort them With Quilts of Valor.

From Down Range -

To all:

I would like to take this time to thank every single member of MSP quilting
angels from Germantown, MD.

Recently, I returned from a 6 month deployment in Afghanistan.

During a mandatory visit to the VA hospital in Baltimore, we were given
quilts from your organization.

It means a lot that your organization takes so much time to show us so much
care and love.

What you made was not a quilt but a symbol of the true American spirit and
what separates our country from all other countries on this earth.

This quilt will be used to heavily in the next couple of years.

I will make sure that our child, to be born later this year, understands the
meaning behind this quilt, so they will understand how blessed they are to
be raised in this country and how the people in this country are what
separates us from all others.

So to Joanne K and the Germantown, MD Quilting Angels, Thank You.

TSgt Jared

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


On July 8, 2009, Barbara File sent a quilt to Dover, thru the US Post office and it never made it there. She had tracking that showed it arrived in Philadelphia transfer station, but it never left.  After many phone called and no quilt, Barbara said the next quilts she will drive there herself.

 On March 4th 2012, Barbara and her friend Debby Pullen of Little Egg Harbor drove to Dover AFB for the second deliver of two quilts. One made by Barbara and the other by Lovisa Hill of Pieceful Shore Quilt Guild.

They were met 2nd Lt. Lori Fiorello and were escorted to the mortuary. There they were met by Commander Thomas Joyce who is pictured holding a quilt made by Lovisa Hill.

There is a photo of Barbara in the ceremonial area and the Koi pond which are fed by Chaplains, but they always want more food.

2nd Lt. Fiorello took them to her office and is shown looking at the quilt made by Barbara File.

 The next photo is Commander Joyce presenting a “Coin  of Excellence” to Barbara  in front of a Quilt of Valor wall hanging. Debby also received a coin.

The picture was in the uniform shop with Staff Sgt. Connie Martinez and Airman 1st Class Jordan Webber, explaining the significance of the room.

This is the coin presented to Barbara and Debby. It is presented to someone that is doing good, but does not warrant an official award.

Barbara’s quilt will be resented to Christen Michaud and Lovisa’s quilt will be presented to Col. Sharon Banister. Barbara and Debby are planning their next trip with more quilts. It was unexpected and emotional experience, and one they will never forget

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Smoky Hill Challenge

Currently the Salina Quilts of Valor Foundation in Salina, Kansas is working on an exhibit to be held at the Smoky Valley Hill Museum. The exhibit will run from September 11, 2012 through November 25, 2012.

This is an excerpt from an e-mail from Kay Quinn:
The Museum's downtown Street Fair, scheduled for Sat, 9/22, will also highlight the QOV Exhibit as that is when we will present our local Wounded Warrior with his or her own Quilt. Our event is now somewhat a part of the citywide 'AutumnFest' or similarly named multi-site event, during which numerous local entities and groups, including our Museum, will be holding their respective fall events, that will be somewhat coordinated and marketed together.

Our exhibit will be in the front lobby area. Which means that it is the first thing they will see upon entering and the last thing before exiting the museum.

I listed below the particulars if you would like to send a quilt to be in the exhibit and then be presented to a Veteran or Service~Member who has been touched by war. SMOKY HILL "AutumnFest" CHALLENGE

We are officially having an exhibit at the Smoky Hill Museum from September 10, 2012 through November 25, 2012 during "AutumnFest". On September 22, 2012 we will hold the award ceremony, but the quilts will remain on display through November 25, 2012. If you would like to make a quilt for this event and have any questions; please contact me using the form provided.

The requirements for a quilt are the same as QOVF National's.  ( you can find all of these requirements at Here

 I will be making special QOV Labels for these quilts. If you would like the download to put on your own label please contact me . If not please fill out the form found on our website and send in with your quilt. Listed below are additional requirements for this exhibit:  

  •  Must be Red, White/Cream and Blue 
  •  Must be received no later than September 1, 2012 
  •  Must have a hanging sleeve 
  • Please mail quilts to: QOVFSM c/o Tina Reed 3632 S Brownhill Rd Brookville, KS 67425 

I encourage you to write a note or take a picture of you and your quilt or keep a journal and send it along with your quilt. So many ask..."Where did this come from?", "Who made it?", "How can I get a note to them?". Let them know your story too, why you made the quilt, why you make Quilts of Valor, what led you to make this one, the journey of making this quilt. It is personal to them and they may not answer or they may come looking 10 years down the road trying to find you just to say "Thank You". But, if you just send a quilt with a label...they will never know...and neither will you. Please help us to make this a spectacular exhibit...a first for here...and I hope for many more to come! Thank you for all you do!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Presentation in Kamiah ID

Yesterday, Memorial Day, 2012, was one of the most incredible days of my
life. The Central Idaho Quilters Guild worked really hard over the last 6
months in order to meet a goal of presenting at least 35 quilts. We had
only 2 we were not able to present, and one of those was in rehabilitation
and unable to attend. We had one active duty grand daughter (US Navy)
present to her grandfather who fought in Korea. One grandfather accepted
for his grand daughter who is an active duty Army Major, Black Hawk
commander. The tears flowed, we laughed from the bottom of our being, and
saw a tremendous bonding of our community. There were almost 200 people in
attendance, all interactive and cheering our veterans/soldiers on!! There
are no further words I can say to describe the tremendous satisfaction,
joy, sadness for those we lost, and the overwhelming pride we have for OUR
combat veterans. Just awesome!!

Thanks to a very special lady we invited to join us. Sharon Ledbetter, our
regional coordinator. What a gal!! We haven't known each other long, but
there are people that we instantly love and feel we have known forever. I
feel like I have another sister. I just now found her!!!

God bless everyone that had a hand in our presentations. What a great
group to be associated with!!

Jean Hisaw
Kamiah Coordinator

And now what you all are waiting for - the pictures!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cozad, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska, a town of 4,000 is situated in central Nebraska, exactly on the 100th Meridian.  The 100th Meridian is an important natural demarcation line where "the humid east meets the arid west."  Therefore, when you visit Cozad, you are officially in the West, and you certainly do experience the famous western hospitality in this Nebraska town.

As part of its Memorial Day celebration, the 100th Meridian Museum in Cozad featured 18 Quilts of Valor which were displayed throughout the Museum.  The Museum, which is a completely volunteer endeavor includes memorabilia from Cozad's pioneer history.  One of my favorite displays is the mobile popcorn stand (notice the pinwheel QOV displayed in the window of the stand?) which was actually in use in the town through the 1960's, (until the movie theater got its own popcorn machine).  Another impressive display is Veteran's Memorial Park which was outfitted with dozens of flags for Memorial Day.

Finally, as part of its QOV event, the 100th Meridian Museum is hosting guests from the local quilt shop, Prairie Point Junction, during its Second Saturday Sampler on June 9.

The Quilts of Valor on display at the Museum are on loan from the Central Midwest Region QOV group.  This particular group of QOVs features quilts made by 4-H members from Otoe and Buffalo Counties, Nebraska as well as quilters from Lincoln, Hickman, and Eagle, Nebraska.  QOV volunteers from Cozad and nearby Kearney also provided support for the QOV event at the Museum.  Once the QOVs finish their tenure in Cozad, are slated for distribution to the Nebraska National Guard and the Warrior Transition Battalion at Ft Campbell, Kentucky.

For more information about Cozad, the 100th Meridian Museum and Prairie Point Junction, please visit:

Submitted by:
Sara Kenny
Central Midwest Region Coordinator (NE, IA, KS)
Quilts of Valor Foundation

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ted's Quilt of Valor

"Ted" is a veteran who served in the Navy during WW II. He will be 89 this September. He participated in a local "Adopt-a-Kid/Adopt-a-Vet" day at "The Villages Charter School" in a 4th grade class. Thie Quilt of Valor was presented to him in that classroom on Wednesday, May 23, 2012.

Now - go check out the video - and listen carefully

Oh - and you might need a kleenix

submitted by Janet N

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oklahoma News

*********Article from Osage County Historical Society /  Photo  from *Shidler

The latest publicity ....

the Osage County Historical Society has a news booklet they mail out called
the chronicle and we were on Page # 3 !
The quilt / info will be on display  this week thru the month of July  ...
and we hope to have a DVD running with quilt photos.
The Museum will be giving special recognition to Veterans that visit during
this time.

Shidler review shows us celebrating with a cake,  Lea Nelson brought.
Since she keeps track of "where" we are,  she knew we would log
in quilt # 300 that day and surprised us all,  what a thoughtful person !

AND....  we've been approached about doing a display in Pawhuska...
            at Machine Quilter's showcase in Kansas City this week...  I
bought a pattern, the designer asked if I did quilts of Valor... So I had
to BRAG on
            all of YOU and the amazing way it's came together !!    She is
from Idaho, and had heard of OUR group.... gave me 3 more patterns for QoV !
            Her son is an Army Ranger, just returned from Afgahan.,... and
She is quite involved with the QoV foundation  "national".

And... why we do this,  last week when contact was made with the Combat Vet
Center in Tulsa for delivery of 16 quilts.. They were THRILLED  !

Submitted by Cynthia

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vets sewing for Vets

Up in Washington... we found .. Vets sewing for Vets. I love this!! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Not only did they gather to sew - they presented a Quilt of Valor to one of their own. I think he likes it!

Some boys were there for a ball tourament and stopped by to see what was happening... they stayed and sewed a while!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspiration from Barbara

There are some people who can just piece like the wind... check out these great Quilt of Valor tops - pieced by Barbara in California.

 1907 is a scrappy quilt made from a pattern by 5 Inch is a Cinch called Dakota Stars.  It was all done with charm squares--not difficult, but a lot of seams!  Had to add signature squares to change it from square.

 1918 Stepping Stones was in a current magazine

 1919 City Blocks in red white and black is made from samples using a free online pattern from  She has lots of patterns using fat quarters or strips!

1926 is called Fractions.  I cut the blues and yellows from my scrap bin, used some white that was donated for the sashing.

Hope you enjoy the inspirations!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spotlight on Vixanna

Well, first off, let me introduce myself, I am Vixanna R also known as Vicki. I live in the small town of Winnebago, IL, population of about 3000.  From our small town we have about 100 active duty serving in the military that graduated from our local high school.  We are very proud of that.  I also have a daughter that is serving in the United States Air Force.  She is currently stationed at Eielson AFB, AK.  She has served two deployments to Iraq.

I guess the other thing you get to know about me is that I am a quilt piecer and a long arm quilter.  I am also privileged to be a Quilts of Valor presenter from time to time.

I did my first set of six quilts in 2009 and these were pieced by my former quilt club, Scrapbag Quilters of Davis, IL.  I had a little difficulty finding who to take these to so I ended up with a shop that I deal with called Basketcases, in Clair, IL and she took them to Hines VA in Chicago. So I was feeling pretty good about myself and what I had done.

 So some time passed and my daughter was sent on her second deployment of Iraq.  This time in a phone call she told me about a wounded warrior that she was caring for who had received a quilt and it had been misplaced.  He was very upset and she had to promise to find it in order to calm him down.  From that point forward, I knew that these quilts were very important to our troops and that I must and I would be doing more.  I hooked up with Rita P of Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor, I could not tell you how I found her and I don’t think she remembers either, but the important things is I FOUND HER.

 In January 2009 I got six quilts from her to quilt and bind.  When I met her to return the quilts to her in March there were a couple of ladies that sewed together from the South Beloit, IL/Beloit, WI area there also and we got to talking that it would be nice if we could get a group together as it was a good two hour drive to get together with Rita.  So the group began as the Beloit Ladies of the Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor.  We started with 5 ladies and now have between 10 and 15 ladies each month.  We meet on the first Wednesday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to about 3 p.m. at the People’s Church in Beloit, WI. New members are always welcomed and you can find that information on Rita’s blog page for Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor.

I have had the privilege of making several quilt presentations.  The first one was in December 2010 and it was to the 485th Engineering Battalion returning from Kuwait and Iraq.  Wow what a night, I did not want to speak in front of the group and asked that the speaker, a young Lieutenant tell them at the end of the evening to come to the commons area of the school to receive their quilts.  Wow what a mistake, he was nervous and then last words I heard him speak were “DISMISSED.  We did manage to get them all rounded up and the 123 quilts distributed but that cured me of stage fright.  Rita then asked me to do a Returning Warrior Work Shop in Minneapolis, MN and you know they are right when they say if you speak about what you feel and believe you can do it.  I really found out that this is indeed true.  What a wonderful night, I think there were about 75 returning Navy reservists that received quilts.  I have done few individual presentations also.  I would guess all together that I have presented a little over 200 quilts.  Since I love to make quilts I have made a few of the quilts that were presented but my duty is to primarily quilt for the group in Beloit.  I have not been able to keep up so have had to hand off some of the quilts to Rita so that her large group of long armers can work their magic.  I have made approximately 6 quilts but I have quilted 102 to date.

This year and since it is half over, my goal is to get the 20 quilts I have finished.  Then I will start on a very special Quilts of Valor for my very special daughter, Major Katherine R, USAF.  She is a nurse and it is time for her quilt to be started and completed.  I do not want to be like the old shoemaker who always made shoes for others but his own children were barefoot.  So I will take a little break and get her quilt done.

I totally believe in the mission of Quilts of Valor and I get the greatest pleasure out of wrapping a quilt around a young man or woman and telling them just how much we appreciate what they do for us and what a privilege it is to present them with a Quilt.  I love the expressions on their faces and the humbleness with which they accept the quilt.

Friday, June 1, 2012

QOVF Volunteers at HMQS

Do you recognize any of these great Volunteers?
June Moore, Marianne Fons, Catherine Roberts, Judie Yates (Long-arm Coordinator) Stephanie Logan (WY), Mike
Moore (go-fer and chauffeur), Terry Yates (IT), Diane Jaeger (UT)

We are missing J.Marie Norris(OR) from this lineup.