Saturday, July 21, 2012

Returning Warrior Weekend

I have had the most fabulous evening! Last night was the Returning Warrior
 Workshop in Seattle.  So many of you contributed quilts for this event and
 it went beautifully!  I talked to lots of people, gave a lot of hugs, saw
 a lot of tears!

 The guest speaker for the event was 3-star Admiral Dirk D., Chief of
 the Navy Reserve.  The top guy!!  He has a QOV and keeps it in his office
 in DC.  He says it is one of his proudest possessions.  A very nice man as
 well.  He has been very instrumental in creating a special event for the
 returning reservists by hosting the RWWs in a nice hotel (it was the
 Sheraton downtown), with great food and great surroundings. It was very
 special to meet this man.

 This was my third RWW, so I was more relaxed, and I didn't freak out at
 having to talk in front of 150 people.  We presented one quilt to a woman
 warrior, who turns out to be a quilter!  She was very interesting to talk
 to afterwards.  I wanted her to come and visit me, but she is transferring
 to Norfolk next week.

 We had the quilts in another room, so after the dinner they all went out
 and picked out their quilt.  We folded the quilts so that the label was
 out, the pillowcases were tucked inside, and the top of the quilt was
 displayed so it was easier to see what the quilt looked like.  We had
 three tables set up, and the warriors could pick out their quilt and get
 their name put on the label.  They all got hugs and I tried to have a
 little discussion to see where they had been. I also hugged the wives
 (this group happened to have mostly men warriors) because they too have
 give a lot of service.

 Thank you again to those who sent quilts for this event.  They were so

 Carol O.
 RC Washington



  1. Love that wrapped in quilt hug!! Must be wonderful to see that many of our returning warriors covered!!

  2. Hoorah! What a great event. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My husband has been deployed oversees 3 times with the navy. He & I went to RWW and received a quilt. So grateful to have the support of volunteers and a keepsake we will treasure for a lifetime!