Sunday, November 1, 2015

This Quilt Is So Nice

Dear Linda and Terry,

Thank you again for your role in the Quilt of Valor presentation for Joe yesterday. As you heard, Joe suffers from life-threatening seizures. As a result, Joe is unable to work, can't legally drive and is unable to participate in many of the activities he once enjoyed, including hunting and country swing dancing. As I'm sure you can imagine, the transition from a strong and hard-working soldier, husband and father to a man who must rely on others for many of the most basic independences has not been easy. A few things that Joe said within the 24 hours after the presentation have really resonated with me and I hope they will reinforce for you how important your volunteer work is for so many former soldiers.  

Here are just a few quotes and observations from the 24 hours after the presentation:

"I can't believe a Navy Seal drove all the way up from Wenatchee to honor me. A NAVY SEAL. No one has ever done anything like that for me before."

"This quilt is so nice. I already know where I am going to put it. It will look perfect folded on the back of my couch and I can use it as a throw."

Joe read and reread the inscription on the back of the quilt multiple times. He showed it to his mom, pointed out his name and said jokingly, "Don't get too attached to this quilt, it's mine."

And the real tear-jerker was this morning over coffee when Joe was reminiscing about the whole presentation again. Diane (his mom) said to Joe, "Did it make you feel special?" 

Joe said, "It did."

Diane replied, "See, the world hasn't forgotten about you."

In your short visit you gave Joe so much more than just a beautiful quilt. As the days go by, I hope his Quilt of Valor will serve as a warm reminder that the world has not left him behind. Thank you again.