Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From the Heart - Saying "Thank you" in each Quilt of Valor

Whether you are beside Vixanna R in LaCrosse, Wisconsin presenting a
Quilt of Valor, serving as ambassadors of QOVr's from across the Nation in
support of a Returning Warrior Workshop (RWW) or enjoying a down home
moment between Susan G and someone like Mike, a Vietnam Veteran,
receiving a Quilt of Valor, the moments tearfully flow down your cheeks
and fade.

Take time to write that journal, and if not a journal, at least a moment
to express your personal gratitude to the greatest American's we may never
have the privilege to thank in person.

Attached to the Quilts of Valor from Bonnie P in Pittsburgh, PA,
Susan G, Georgia and Sharon D Pembroke, KY were personal
expressions of gratitude addressed to each Quilt of Valor.

If you can't find the words you might also try note cards like the ones
displayed in a shop nearby or just for fun and the great memories - make
your own!

So proudly displayed under the banner "America's Heroes"

Submitted by Jeff T ( MSP QUILTING ANGELS)

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