Thursday, September 4, 2014

QOV For A Tank Commander

Charles Shepard, 92, who served in Italy as a tank commander in WWII and then in Korea before leaving the US Army, was recently awarded his QOV. 

Mr. Shepard, a West Virginia resident, was awarded his quilt by QOVF representative Gale Betterly of Ridgefield, OH (on the right).  His daughter, Sharon Cole, nominated him for the honor.   Fay Gandee, maker of the quilt is standing next to Mr. Shepard.  QOVF is honored and privileged to have made his day special. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

A Special Morning - QOV Award

Val Heim of Superior, NE repeated the phrase "this is a very special morning" upon receiving his Quilt of Valor.  University of Nebraska Extension Educators Phyllis Schoenholz and Jaci Milius along with Office Manager Jean Stichka awarded the quilt to the dignified 93 year World War II veteran.  The request for the quilt came from southwest Kansas to the National Quilts of Valor Foundation.

Also present for the award ceremony were Gene Frerichs, adjutant and Steve Meyer past commander of the Superior American Legion Post 103 where Val is a long time member.  Heim was very modest in accepting the quilt and stated "it took all of us, so many others gave up so much more."

The conversation between the American Legion friends highlighted that Val is the oldest living professional baseball player in the U.S.A.  Val's career with the Chicago White Sox was cut short when WWII broke out and he joined the Navy.  Heim stated that baseball was the national sport at that time and military service teams had many major league players on their teams ­ which provided needed entertainment for troops of all branches of the service.

Monday, August 11, 2014

These guys are our heroes!

Hey- we did it!  
Had the most wonderful experience awarding 5 (1 in memorium) QOV's on Saturday at our annual guild quilt show to some terrific WWII and Korea veterans from our local Senior home here in our valley. We had planned on 5 presentations, but sadly one gentleman passed away the night before the presentation and another one was ill so I only had 3 actually make it to the event- but what special men those 3 were! The one in the black cowboy hat is 97 years old- and walked the 6 blocks to the event!! What a guy!! Everyone cried, including many of the general visitors who just happened to have stopped by as they were going thru our  quilt show! I was able to give the QOV that had been made for the veteran that passed away, to his grandson, who is on active duty but happened to be home on leave. Small miracles do happen. What a day- one I do not think they or anyone present will ever forget. 
These guys are our heroes!

And as a little side note, I had a QOVF "booth" at the quilt show and got great response from the local community with many promises for future support- couldn't ask for anything better!


Kathy Coontz,  Montana SW State Coordinator

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At The County Fair

From Lincoln, Nebraska
Monday night the 4H students of York held their Style Revue and Bed Turning. In addition to their clothing accomplishments, these young seamstresses completed 24 Quilts of Valor, that will be displayed at the country fair before being sent off to deserving veterans. 
This photo shows an inter generational Quilt of Valor, made by family members, as well as these two young girls. It was quilted by a grandmother's cousin. Joan is also a member of our Lincoln QOV group. 
Finally, our own long-armer, Julia, quilted seven of these 4H Quilts of Valor. Not only are these 4-H students developing life long skills, but also devoting their time to honor our vets. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Moment of Honor

Meet Les Page, our own QOV Volunteer Coordinator and his wife, Elaine, who is the Regional Coordinator for Virginia.  Les and Elaine are just two of many who volunteer for QOV, giving their heart and soul to this great organization. 

 Thank you to Les and Elaine for all you do for QOVF, and thank you to Michelle, a QOV recipient, it was our honor.



Elaine and Les received the following email from a thankful recipient of a QOV.  

Dear Elaine and Les,

As a 26-year military veteran, I thought I had maxed out my moments of honor. I worked for/with great leaders. I served side-by-side with talented, courageous Airmen. I led units and members to get the mission done. I trained with and briefed extraordinary, brave pilots. I had duty in just about each state, numerous countries, remote military sites and even Iraq. I was honored. 

After retirement I knew that I wanted to be able to write. I am now an intern with WHRO Public Media in Norfolk, VA. We came across what QOV does for veterans in Virginia and immediately thought it would be a great story to get out to the community. I was assigned to interview Elaine and Les Page, QOV Virginia Coordinators. What a wonderful couple! When interviewing them, such sincere patriotism, passion and just LOVE came across as they explained why they became involved in QOV. They explained in detail how each piece of fabric and each stitch are caringly assembled to form these endearing quilts to cover worthy service members and veterans. I was honored.

I was invited to one of their sew days to actually see the process in action. Elaine and Les with about 10 sewers gave me an inside peak into making these quilts. Each lady, and even a few gentlemen, eagerly told me how they became involved, what they contribute to QOV, and most of all their connection with the military. Supporting our veterans and thanking them for all they do and have done was no doubt the overall message each imparted. I was honored.

QOV not only creates these quilts, they also present them in a short but touching ceremony. As I finished up my notes with one of the sewers, Les got everyone’s attention in the room. He began by giving a short history of what QOV is all about. Then to my surprise he called me up to stand beside him and Elaine. He went on to read this beautiful QOV preamble. He then said, ‘Michelle, we are proud to present this quilt to you. Welcome home.’ I was surprised and overwhelmed to say the least. All my feelings of being proud to serve flooded over me. As they wrapped the quilt around me and hugged me as if I were one of their own family members, I knew they cared. I was honored!

Thank you Elaine and Les and all the QOV members for my moment of honor!