Monday, January 27, 2014

My First QOV Presentation

This was posted on the QOVF Facebook Page and we wanted to share it:

Another US Veteran was awarded his quilt today, with his girlfriend looking on with tears and pride. This was a special award time for myself as well as the veteran. This was my first presentation on behalf of QOVF, and I hope that I am given the privilege of additional ones in the future.

It was an emotional experience for everyone there. I did not realize the impact that these quilts have on the veterans and their family once you start your presentation.

Patrick, served three tours in Vietnam with the United States Air Force along with his stateside assignments. He was in Da Nang for at least one of three tours, as a fuel specialist. He supervised and worked with a group of men refueling just about any aircraft that was flown in Vietnam.

After he was awarded his quilt I had the privilege of him sharing pictures and stories of his life in a  war torn region. I am proud to have met and shared an afternoon with a true American Hero. I was able to see his ribbon bar from his uniform and he was a decorated American hero. I noticed, but not limited to, a Bronze Star , Purple Heart, and his Vietnam Campaign ribbons. On the wall of his living room are several awards he earned and was awarded during his time of service.

Thank you Patrick for your service on behalf of our great nation, and the sacrifices you made for me and everyone else.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Joy To Scarred Warriors

I am the Troop Committee Chairman for LDS-BSA Troop 98. I served two tours to Iraq and was injured during 03-04 with a broken wrist. I returned 04-05 where I partially fractured my lower vertebrae, herniated a disc in my neck and fell victim to TBI due to the several IEDs and firefights that beset my platoon. I was medically retired in 2010 as a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army.

I must say, never have I felt such love and care as I did tonight. The truly selfless act of kindness revitalized a spark of joy. I have not received a token of such value for my service as I have from this foundation. Thank you. I beg that I may have the opportunity to serve in a capacity to which I may share with others the joy this brings to scarred warriors.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A Comment on one of our QOV member blogs.

After a lengthy 24 hours of flight delays, my warrior and I have just gotten home from the Louisville, KY RWW. During our numerous flights, the subject of our new beautiful quilt came up a number of times...Would my husband build a custom frame to hang it on our office wall, turning over the corner of the label for all to see? Would we keep it close at hand in the living room to snuggle up in?

Before I tell you the answer, first I must tell you that receiving the quilts was one of the most moving moments of the weekend for many. As the quilts were carefully being handed to those who attended, we personally shed, and saw, many tears of appreciation, tears of healing, and tears of warriors and wives feeling loved and cared for. Saying thank you for all the time you all have invested in making these beautiful quilts simply cannot express to you all how much they meant!

So what is the answer to what we will do with our new treasure? Remember me saying our trip home was delayed many hours because of a delay/cancelation? Well, our Quilt of Valor had been carefully carried with us that entire time. Then, exhausted we tried to get some sleep very late last night waiting for our early morning flight. Yes, as you can guess, our quilt came out and was spread over the two of us as we tried to get some rest. Then, in the morning it covered this military wife keeping her from shivering as we flew back to the bitter cold of Wisconsin. And now, it is right next to us as I write to you waiting for me to finish so the two of us can once again enjoy it's beauty and warmth as we spend some time together snuggled beneath it.

Even though our quilt could easily be displayed, framed and protected, one day passed on "good as new" to one of our children. It's already easy to say that when it is passed on, it will be loved, used and worn from many, many hours of being wrapped around those it was made for.

Over the years we have spent so many days, weeks and months apart. Now, we will enjoy being together knowing that on some of those days when there was so much distance between us and we felt alone, you were all out there stitching together something that was waiting to remind us that like your quilts, we have made something beautiful out of all the many pieces of fabric that are unique to being a military family. And although we too may at times feel worn we also have so much to pass on.

With so much love & gratitude,
Mr. & Mrs. ITC Brian P

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Feel So Blessed


One of my Washington state quilters, Karen Anglin, contacted me a couple months ago and wanted to made a quilt for a friends daughter-in-law in Louisiana.  Karen made the quilt top, she sent it to me, I quilted it,  sent it back to her, and she sent it to Louisiana.   

Carol Olsen
Washington State Rep

Here is the message from Karen

She was so excited.  She called me crying to thank me.  This is what she put on her  Facebook.  She received the box after she returned from her daily treatment for her head injury she received while in Iraq.  Great timing for her to receive this.  


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Continuing Commitment

On Sunday, January 5th, the Lincoln QOV started off the New Year with a presentation to Terry G., USMC. Terri served in Nam and was awarded the Purple Heart. What makes this vet so special, besides his service and sacrifice for country, is his continuing involvement with veterans. He not only voluntarily mentors veterans, but also donates his time to the Veteran's Hospital, working with several programs, such as the Music Festival, that are sponsored there. 
High school friends of Terry, and vets themselves, stopped by the QOV display at the Lancaster County Fair last August, where they inquired about getting a quilt for a deserving friend. Laura directed them to the QOV site to request the quilt for Terry. Julia S., QOV Information Desk Administrator, not only made this beautiful quilt but also LA quilted it and presented it to him.  His wife, Peggy, wrote: "I was very touched that your group wanted to present my husband with a quilt.  He was honored and it made my heart smile. . . .Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
It was our honor to meet Terry and present him with his own QOV. He shared so much of himself at the presentation and we applaud his continuing commitment to our veterans.