Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Three Tours QOV

 From Lincoln, Nebraska

The Lincoln Quilters Guild were delighted to have Tony Jacobson as their April speaker . He also conducted a class based on his creation of the "Three Tours Quilt of Valor" design. He created this quilt in honor of his nephew Eric who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was one of 12 selected for presentation of the 100,000th QOV in Washington, D.C. Tony is the Art Director for Easy Quilts magazine.

At the beginning of the meeting, Julia Schroeder (Information Desk Coordinator) addressed the group and requested that Dan S. come to the stage. Dan is not only a member of our Guild but also a veteran. In 1966 he received his draft notice and was sent to Camp Pendleton. After basic training with the US Marines Corps, he spent 10 months in Vietnam in an artillery battery near Danang. There were no crowds,  waving flags, or parades when he returned home. However, at a recent basketball game he was wearing a cap that had the Marine Corps insignia on it and a young man came up and asked to shake his hand. Dan didn't know what to say when the young man said, "Thank you for your service."

So it was an additional surprise when Julia awarded this QOV to Dan. The design is the Three Tours QOV and was made by Joyce P. It was truly special to have the Tony, the designer, present during this award.