Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ft Campbell KY

"Thank you for the large shipment of quilts I  received in the last 7 days.
 The 2 boxes that had 20 quilts are being given out as we speak.  I had 2
 other boxes arrive during this week and they will find homes with soldiers
 in the next week.  If soldiers allow me to take their pictures with the
 quilts I do.   All the soldiers
 have been overwhelmed and so thankful to receive such precious gifts,
 with the time and hard work put into these pieces of work."

 Again, the soldiers at 101st Airborne say "hooah."

 Sharon D

This was posted on our QOV Chat list, and I asked Sharon if she would like to share a little bit about what she is up to at Ft Campbell......

Quilts of Valor are being given to soldiers that have been deployed at least once, and are stationed
here at Ft Campbell, KY.  We have 20,000 soldiers here and they are getting
ready to deploy again.  Some soldiers have been deployed 5 times.

Just so you will know, I was raised in the Air Force, during the Vietnam
era, I was married to a soldier, my son is in the Coast Guard, station in
the Pentagon, was in the Pentagon during 9/11 when it was hit.  I can
relate to many of the families during this time of deployment.  I attend
Welcome Homes and take quilts with me to give out, take pictures of the
Welcome Home so QOV members can see what it is like to see soldiers touch
the group straight from war, see their family and friends for the first

Sounds to me like Sharon has a big heart!!! She can always use support in supporting our troops. If you are interested in helping out in KY - leave a comment with a way to contact you, and I can put you in touch with her.

Submitted by Sharon and the blog editor ( because I am nosy and ask a lot of questions!)


  1. How can I become a quilter for valor? Also where can I buy US Navy material for the chiefs anchor.

  2. Please visit our website and contact your Regional Coordinator to volunteer and other questions. Thank you.