Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Healing Quilt

Just a year ago, soon after accepting the Regional Coordinator position for Alaska, I spoke to the Valley Quilters’ Guild in Palmer, Alaska about the Quilts of Valor Foundation and our mission. Little did I realize that sitting in the audience was a veteran who was so deserving of her own quilt.  When I received the nomination for a quilt to be awarded to this Air Force veteran, I recognized her name and gave her a call. I asked if she’d prefer a more private presentation or a public one. She chose to stand before the guild membership to receive her quilt.

After the presentation the recipient told the members assembled that she would see this as a healing quilt. She told of her service wound, the effects the war has had on her life and her upcoming surgery. She said “I still have a lot of healing to do, and this quilt will certainly help.” Then she humbly asked the guild membership to continue making Quilts of Valor because every service member and veteran who has served in wartime will appreciate their quilt just as she does.

What an amazing feeling it was to stand beside her and join the applause as everyone in the room stood and applauded…..long and hard…..showing their support for this deserving woman!

Linda K., Alaska’s Regional Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation


  1. Thank you for this story, it is so true each and every veteran should have a quilt and maybe someday if the wars ever end, we will get this done. Probably not but we sure can try - what a terrific goal.

  2. What a wonderful healing story, Linda thank-you for sharing and please make sure she know we all thank her.