Thursday, July 19, 2012

Knollwood Military Retirement Community

In June I( Becky)  made a trip to Washington, DC. to have a quilting day with the ladies of Knollwood Military Retirement Community.  This is a very energetic group of women ages 90 and down.  Some are retired military and others are spouses of retired military. 

About 20 of us gathered in the Knollhouse (a beautiful old home on the grounds) for a fun day.  I had pre-cut the fabric and marked the sewing lines since all the work was going to be done by hand.  We had a great time!  My mother, age 88, was the lunch organizer and needle threader.  

My sister-in-law sat with a group as their helper.  Several other daughters came just to sew squares.  I also had a top that needed a border, so one woman set up her sewing machine to sew the border.  

During lunch we had a quilt show:  my sister-in-law brought two QOV tops, my mother showed off a hand-made "storm at sea" quilt she had just finished, and another woman brought a beautiful applique quilt.  My sister-in-law is now assembling the squares!

I've been asked to make this a 2-3 times a year event so we'll see!
submitted by Becky from Colorado


  1. Oh, my, what memories must have been shared that day! Hope you can bless them and the others who benefit by fulfilling their request!

  2. that must have been interesting sitting around and listening to those quilt stories!

  3. Great story, Becky. How wonderful to tap an often forgotten resource! There is nothing more fulfilling than to feel you are needed. Thank you for brightening their day. May it continue!