Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The YouTube February 4th playlist continues to grow. Music soothes, energizes, brings memories of days past, promises of days to come, and spans generations. Music can heal and remind us of what we have in common. Music can be the catalyst for change, set the tone, paint the day.

Not so different from fabric. Not so different than the variety of quilting techniques. Not so different than the many different quilt patterns.

Not so different than participating in something so much bigger than each of us individually.  

You can continue to let me select all of the music for our National Sew Day playlist or you can mix it up and recommend your favorite patriotic songs. If left to my own devices, the selections may not be as diverse as the Quilt of Valor Foundation and that would be a shame. I'm looking forward to your suggestions!

America the Beautiful
Home - Dierks Bentley
Citizen Soldier - 3 Doors Down
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters
I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash


  1. How about 'where were you when the world stopped turning' by Alan Jackson. 911 was kind of the reason QOV was started and I know it makes me want to sew more when I think about it.
    Madison Rising is a great rocking patriotic band also. I have their cd and it's always keeps me motivated.
    These are two of my suggestions off the top of my head. If I honk of more I'll come back😉

    1. Those two songs will be added to the playlist. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. As a youth, I was in marching/concert/jazz/pep band (we were a small school, we had to multi-task ;-) and because of that experience, I LOVE marching bands - especially our own Military Bands and their incredible music. Our group has a CD w/Military band music we play at ALL our large Quilt of Valor events. Brings a sense of our Mission and who we serve.

    Just discovered a link to the Top 100 Classic Military Songs on iTunes here:

    These Classic Military songs should keep just about anyone happily sewing/quilting along...

    Deb Lindley/Group Leader
    East Central IL QOV