Sunday, March 18, 2012

QOV in Afghanistan

Hello good people,

Just wanted to send a little bit of what is going on here in Afghanistan.

First, let me thank you for the presentation of a quilt to LT Lori A in
December.  She absolutely loves the quilt and was extremely surprised when
she received it.

A little bit of background on our unit.....I am a Blackhawk helicopter pilot
with the 82nd Airborne and fly MEDEVAC missions here in Eastern Afghanistan.

Most of the flights I do are on and around the Pakistan border.

I took 8 quilts over to the Bagram CASH (hospital) and some were given to a
group of Marines that were brought in last night.  I am taking a couple of
quilts on our MEDEVAC aircraft to give to soldiers as soon as we pick them
up from the battlefield.

It is veterans and supporters back home like y'all that make what we do
worth the stresses that come from long hours on the frontline.  Just to name
a few of the volunteer "quilters", I have received quilts from CO, WY, IA,
ME.  My time in Afghanistan is coming to a close in the next few months.  I
am going to work with my replacements to make sure quilts continue to go to
soldiers on the frontline.  Our crew is extremely proud to be able to give
out your love and work to the soldiers on the front.

Again thank you for the support.

The picture was taken outside Bagram CASH with some of the crew from All
American DUSTOFF!

Very Respectfully,

Franklin W


  1. This is a wonderful post. Thank you.

  2. You know Alycia, if you are able to send him a note. Please thank him for me. And thank you for sharing his email with us! I am so touched by the fact that he took the time to thank QOV because I can only imagine how long his 'to do' list is. Haven't heard anything from our boy in 2 weeks and it is good to hear of news from over there. I am working on a quilt, but I'm having a hard time seeing the stitching line through my tears. Hoping I will dry up soon. :)