Wednesday, March 14, 2012

National Quilt Day Plans in Salina KS

National Quilting Day is fast approaching us!  On March 17th the Salina, KS Quilts of Valor group will be hosting a block drive and a block signing fundraiser.  We are working closely with Military Affairs, kSAL and MidWest Sewing and Vacuum.  My son Jordan, who is 6, spent his hard earned money on items to sell for donations.

We will have signature blocks available for signing and also strips of fabric with pre-cut muslin squares for those who wish to make a block.  MidWest Sewing and Vacuum is setting up a donation box for those who are making up blocks at home and wish to drop them off at their store.  We encourage everyone to stop in at 3010 Arnold Dr, bldg 21 in Salina, KS and help us to Honor & Comfort our Veterans and Servicd-Members.

On March 24th we will be doing a Quilts of Valor Presentation.  We have 4 quilts right now and if we get more finished we will be presenting others at the same time or will set another date for a presentation. We have been working on this and waiting for the 161 to come home.  Now that they are home we will be doing the Quilts of Valor Presentations.  American Legion Riders will be in attendance to help present the quilts and also to do a flag presentation as people arrive.

**If your in the area be sure to stop by and show your support***
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