Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mesa AZ Quilt Show

I ( Judy W) decided to spearhead our Quilting group US along with Pauline  Hobbs a Canadian here in our Resort.

We started having workshops in November twice a month Canadians working
along side the Americans.

The camaraderie was great, we shared patterns and idea's. I did have stars
squares June provided to us from Moda fabrics. That was great to get us
started with some idea of were to start as you can see in the picture's
June sent we used some in a log cabin design, and also made squares to go

I contacted Judie Yates she provided me with longarm Quilters all over the
country . I can't say enough for the Longarm Quilter's they did a beautiful
job volunteering their time, batting, thread, and money, etc. Thank you to
those ladies.

Our show was held March 3, 2012  9AM  3Pm The US displayed 19 QoV along
side 19 Canadian Quilts of Valour.

It was a great show 400 attended Friday Evening with 1600 attending
Saturday ... WOW!!!

I'm now getting the QoV ready to mail out to there destinations...

I'm so proud of our ladies here at Quilter's Point of View they all worked
very hard to have so many QoV for our Soldiers....

Submitted by Judy W


  1. I would have probably cried looking at all of those beautiful quilts. So many amazing people working together to honor those who serve and protect. You are Wonder Woman!

  2. WOW! My absolute favorites are quilts 1, 2 & 5...but they are all fabulous!