Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First QOV

From humble beginnings we grew to a grass roots effort, headed to become a
fire storm of dedication…

Sometimes it is important to remember where we started so we can appreciate
where we are now and where we are going.

We all know the story, and can tell it without batting an eye…”The Quilts
of Valor Foundation started in Seaford, Delaware by Catherine Roberts a
blue star Mom with one quilt and a vision to comfort a soldier. The early
days were slow going a few friends joined in and the ripple effect started.
Today we are international, with thousands of volunteers producing nearly
62,000 quilts to honor and comfort those touched by war.”

What we sometimes forget to considered is…

Because of this effort thousands upon thousands of lives have been changed
and souls have been touched. Not just the recipients of the quilts but the
volunteers producing these quilts as well. It is really amazing if you
think about it. Maybe even a bit miraculous!

We join in on the mission thinking “Oh yes, I can do that.” Maybe thought
“I can make a quilt or 2 and move on.” but found that once we were in we
were in for the long haul. Now, it is like a passion fire burning. We
strive to spread the QOVF story to inspire others to join in. We contribute
our time, resources and fabric hugs to honor and help heal those who have
stood in harms way.

What is it that drives us and keeps us going? Is it the occasional thank
you note, shared photos of a sew day or a presentation, that hug that comes
after placing a QOV in a warriors hands, or is it just the willingness to
be part of something so much bigger than ones self? Maybe, all of these are

We have experienced many changes in 8 years. We have had ups, downs and
growing pains! We have survived several website face lifts, expansion of
our social networking, and overall communications. We have embraced
expansion of the mission. We have gained support of many fabric companies
and quilting celebrities. We have launched the mentoring program “Under Our
Wings”. We have expanded our leadership by adding regional coordinators.
Expanded the board of directors to a working board and even had changes in
command. Together we keep pushing on with unwavering loyalty and dedication.

In spite of our efforts the need is still so great. We must stay the course
of diligence. As our production numbers fall short of the need each month
we must rededicate our selves to engage new volunteers to join our mission.
We need to encourage and challenge current volunteers to make that extra
effort. Just one more quilt! We can’t be idle or complacent. We must seek
and find new resources to help us honor and comfort those touched by war.

The First QOV!!

Submitted by Lori K - Deputy Director QOV


  1. Thanks to Catherine for the first quilt! Thanks to Lori for this inspiring article. I need to get busy. I have some more "quilts" in my stash that need attention.

  2. The last paragraph of this post is powerful and one every quilter should shout from the rooftops!

  3. I created my 1st quilt of valor this year and participated in giving 20 donated quilts to Veterans at our hospital. The smiles and tears and the wonderful feeling of thanking those that protect our freedom is something I'll never forget. I m part of the SC QOV and look forward to each work group day. What a wonderful and talented group of people.

  4. I also live in SC. I'm a longarm quilter and quilt about 4 quilts a month for QOV. I'm looking for a group to work with that I can interact with as well as the quilts that they just ship in and out. I would love info on your group

  5. We need rededicate our selves to meeting the quilts quota that QOV is committed to before we send any more to homecomings. The quilts are there to meet the need. But everytime we send 200 to that homecoming or 400 to this one or 120 to another that makes us fall short of the quota the hospitals or medevac crews need. Of course that's just my opinion and I may be feeling a little grumpy this morning.