Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspiration from Barb

Barb W is one of the amazing women working out in California to cover our soldiers - not only does she coordinated a LOT of amazing things going on - she is quite a prolific quilter.... for this year ( thats 2012 folks - 2 months)  she has finished 20 quilt tops.

We thought that maybe you would like to see some of them that are finished?

I have to be honest - I love them all - but this rail fence half square top....  That one is going on my bucket list.... maybe even my figure it out this month list!!!

aren't these Quilts of Valor just great? There is a lot of work that goes into these - so if you are stopping by - please leave a comment for Barb - we all like to know our work is appreciated. 

pictures submitted by Barb W


  1. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Awesome quilts!!! I think we can all be proud of the quilts we make for our warriors and hope they keep coming!!

  3. Wow just awesome. love to see them quilted down. Mmmmm already dralling al the lucky quilter......

    1. I'm still looking for quilters for these and many more. We have about 75 ready to quilt right now, but low on funds for postage!!

  4. Great job, Barb! Your quilts are amazing

  5. Thanks for a job well, done - and doing! It is always fun to see other quilters works of art.

  6. Your quilts are beautiful!