Friday, March 16, 2012

New York Sew In

The Lake Country Quilt Guild held their first Sew-in at the municipal
building in Fulton, NY on March 3rd. We only had 6 members come to help but
we had to start somewhere.

 I bribed them with patriotic cupcakes and our president, Linda Phillips, shared two dozen donuts so we were able to keep our sugar levels up. We sewed from 9AM to 2:30PM (Had to stop to watch the Syracuse University game). 

All the piecing was done on our featherweight sewing machines and we were able to get at least 50 star blocks completed and nearly 50 more close to being complete. Quilts of Valor is the service project for guild and we are planning several events in the upcoming months.
More to follow. Special thanks to Linda P, Nancy L, Susan D, Mary Jane M, and Lillian F.

Submitted by:Kerry Barnes

Lake Country Quilt Guild Service Project coordinator

QOVF NYS coordinator

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  1. Way to go ladies!! Looks like you were having fun. And remember, 6 is 5 more than 1!