Thursday, March 29, 2012

From Germany Part 2

A couple of the QOVs were presented the following days after the
ceremony.  The two pictures are of one presentation at the ASAP

The Soldier has given his permission to tell his story. The
Soldier's name is Chris . Chris is assigned to the 54th

Many months ago, Chris was involved in an IED explosion while
in the turret of his tank. The tank was blown into the air and came down
hard. Chris spine was compressed and he suffered a concussion. Chris was
flown to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany to recover. After several weeks
at Landstuhl, Chris returned to Afghanistan. 

While out on patrol one day, the vehicle in front of Chris ran over an IED and was heavily damaged. The vehicle began to burn and Chris ran to pull out all four of his battle buddies. 

One of the Soldiers was Chris' best friend. All four
Soldiers were burned severely and did not live due to their injuries.

Mac is treating Chris for PTSD, which Mac says is the worst case of PTSD
he's ever seen. Chris' flashbacks and night terrors are so severe, that
oftentimes he reports that he can't breathe. He said the smell of
burning flesh is so overwhelming, that it chokes him even though that
incident happened months ago. Chris has been home since December. His
Company Commander and 1SG said that Chris never complains about his

Although Chris suffered a concussion, he had never been treated
for an mTBI. CPT Drobenak said that Chris is a typical Soldier - suck it
up and complete the mission. Chris is now receiving treatment for
numerous physical injuries due to the IED incident he was involved in as
well as severe PTSD and mTBI. Chris is going back to Landstuhl to go
through the Evolution program (intensive PTSD treatment program), but
will in the coming months be med-boarded out of the Army. He will then
enter the VA medical system. Please remember Chris in your prayers. He
is just one example of our Soldiers who have served our country and is a
true hero!


  1. Thank you for sharing Chris's story with us. Added him to my daily prayers. Wish there was something else I could do.

  2. God bless you Chris !! A grateful nation salutes you !! Where would we be without men and women with your courage ? A Grateful old Marine and a Flyboy from WW2 .