Friday, January 13, 2012

A Thank you

This Thank you was recently sent in to our Website - thought you all might enjoy reading it.

I would like to thank your entire organization for what you ALL do. We
received about a dozen of quilts from you a few weeks back, just in time for
CHRISTMAS. They were snatched up quickly and now lay on our beds to add color to
our rooms. We are serving at a very small base and for someone at a bigger
base to forward your quilts that you made to us made our holiday season very
special. I know I just packed mine up to take home with me to show my family
the great work you all do for us. My family makes quilts for the family and
I already started discussing with my parents about how we can help in your
cause. Thank you so much once again. Just like we can never receive enough
Thank you's from you, we can never give you enough thank you's either.

Anthony L, NC

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