Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spotlight Sunday 1/22/12

This weeks Spotlight Sunday is headed over to Kansas!!   Katy and Martha are the Regional Coordinators in this state - and have a lot of other helpers....

They Have a brigade returning, with 400 soldiers in it, and are trying to make sure they have a QOV for every soldier.... here is an explaination from Katy....

 Well a couple months ago I made a request for 350 quilts from everyone.
We have had quilts starting to trickle into Kansas from other states to
help us with our effort of gathering 400 quilts to present to the
returning 4-4 Cavalry Brigade from Ft. Riley. (They have made national
news headlines from the number of casualties they've had this

We recently received a large stack of quilts from the Eisenhower
Presidential Library & Museum. And our sew-in in Wichita produced 30
quilts last month. This brings the total number of quilts we've
accumulated so far to 180 quilts!

The presentation is tentatively set for the end of March 2012. So that leaves
us very little time to gather the remaining 220 quilts. If you can find
it in your heart to please send us a few quilts, it would be so greatly
appreciated. And it will be going to a soldier at Ft. Riley who greatly
needs it's comfort.

And here is a little bit about how the Kansas bee got its start...

QOV Kansas was the brainchild of Katy Vickers (QOV member since November 2004) and Cassandra Carson (QOV member since October 2005.) The Bee officially started in February 2006 with only 4 members. After the semi-annual PQG show in June of 2006, the membership exploded. The first few months the new Bee had to jump around from site to site looking for a place to work. In August of 2006, Asbury United Methodist Church opened it's doors to the Kansas Bee, and allowed it to have a home there through 2008. In January 2009 we moved to "The Green Zone" at Scholfield Honda.  It is the old showroom that was renovated with all green materials, from the carpet up, and allows us a very nice meeting space, with storage cabinets for our supplies. As of February 2011 we will be meeting on the Second Saturday every month at Tyler Road Baptist Church, located at 571 S. Tyler Road, just off of Kellogg/54 in west Wichita.

The goal behind QOV Kansas is to provide a way to get more people involved in making QOVs on a local scale. With the obligations of hearth and home, it is hard to find time to make an entire quilt top by yourself. By joining the Bee, you have the opportunity to work with others to complete what otherwise would be difficult to do alone.

The advantage of joining the Bee is being able to draw on the knowledge of life long quilters. Even if you don't know how to sew a stitch, you are welcome if you are wanting to learn and lend a helping hand. We especially encourage youth and teens to become involved!

Martha has signed on as well, and is the co regional coordinator... they have many other areas that are involved and have wonder leaders spearheading the efforts - you can find out more about Kansas at

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