Monday, January 2, 2012

News from Wisconsin

You all HAVE to check this out!!   #2422
Go to this website - it is videos of Sewing with Nancy - and look for episode 2422. About 19 minutes and 20 seconds into the video - on comes KAREN and Quilts of Valor!!!

Karen is the regionals coordinator for... get this... are you Ready?   Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin!!! Can you imagine? Thats a  lot of territory!!!   But if you want to get in contact with her you can find her in the Regional Coordinators section on the website.

Thanks Karen for sharing this!!!

This picture is taken at the Machine Quilting Today show in Milwaukee,  last August - and the individual wrapped in his QOV is a VietNam vet.

The next one ( below) Show Karen in the background, The man handing out the QOV's is Jim S of Quilters Rule - Karen says he is a QOV angel!!

Jim helped present 9 Quilts of Valor that day! You all Rock!!! You can always find Karens contact info on the site under regional Coordinators in WI.  Thanks!!!

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