Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From Region 8

Oh this is good!!! You all better grab a cup of something!!! me - its Dr Pepper... even in the morning!!

Here we go....

31 quilters from FL, NC, TN, and GA met in the north Georgia mountains last weekend to make Quilts of Valor. 

 We had a goal of 85 quilts for a Returning Warrior Weekend, in February, 2012.  I am ecstatic to report we have our 85 plus some for the Charlie Norwood VAMC in Augusta, AND we will  be sent 5 down range to help Marcella make her weekly goal.

Pat Walker of Pat'Ts Calico Cottage brought two Gammill long arm machines and we kept them going all weekend.

We made a raffle quilt so smaller groups that need to raise money for
batting and backing can sell raffle tickets and make some money for their
local group.  This is the quilt top, it's called Uncle Sam and will be
custom quilted. 

This is me, sewing on binding.  I usually don't get to quilt, I am busy
with details, and coordinating .

Our block drive before the retreat resulted in hundreds of patriotic
strips that several quilters used to make their quilt tops.  Others worked
on their own QOV projects

Look how happy everyone
looks! It's because we are doing something that makes our hearts

Way to go quilters!!! This is a great way to get everyone involved - I LOVE it!! So when you get these quilts out, we will all be routing for you!!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!

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  1. awesome photos! Great job guys! I love seeing what everyone is doing!