Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Spotlight 1/15/12

This weeks Spotlight Sunday takes us to central Wyoming - Shoshoni to be exact!!!

Stephanie is the owner of Sheep Camp Quilt Supply, and her quilt shop is dedicated to helping make Quilts of Valor!   Stephanie has her store out in the country and its a beautiful site. She has recruited quilters from Riverton and the surrounding areas to help make Quilts.

Our shop, Sheep Camp Quilt Supply, has been a QOV shop for 4 years and
UOW (Under our Wings) shop for 1. This past Sept. we held an event where 40 volunteers spent an evening and a day sewing up 38 quilt tops. They were quilted, bound, and then distributed at a ceremony on Dec. 13 at our local VFW.

Recipients were from WWII, Korean War, Desert Storm, Iraq, and
Afghanistan, as well as peacetime vets who served in other countries. It
was a very moving, very honoring, and very special evening for the
nearly 150 people in attendance. By the way, our town only has about
10,000 people in it to begin with! We were EXTREMELY pleased with the
turnout at both events. We even received front page coverage in our
local newspaper and lead-in news story on our state-wide TV station - Stephanie

This is at the presentation. Her husband got to help be the MC, and he was wonderful. She said it was such an honor to be able to say "Thank You" personally.

The Recipients!

A disclaimer - I ( Alycia) had to travel up that way a bit ago, so I thought I would stop by and say hi!   Which was actually quite fun, I surprised Stephanie, and did a little bit of shopping in her store.  So I asked if I could take a picture of her.... working of course....
My family was with me, and they fell in love with this little sheep camp trailer.... it is a wagon that the sheep herders would stay in, while they babysat their sheep out in the wilderness. It has a little bunk bed, and cooking supplies so that the herders could stay with their herd - no matter where they were.

And the sign so that you know where you are!

And I think she might be in some of the most scenic country around - check this out....

Stephanie has a wonderful sewing room, and is in the process of planning 2 large events for 2012.

Currently they meet the 3rd Thursday of every month at 10 am to sew for Quilts of Valor!

 If you live in this area, or near it, you should contact her and get involved. She and her crew can make things happen. Her website - with all of their under our wings information - can be found at

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