Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Progress Friday

I thought that others might like to see what Quilt of Valor project you are working on. I know that I am in the process of doing Persimmon Quilts Mystery, and who knows what else I may start - but I love looking at what others are doing for inspiration.

So Link up here - you can add a blog link, or a link to a flicker photo.... Let us see what you are working on!


  1. I have not gotten the new pictures up for clue #2. But, that is one I am working on.

  2. Jo here: I'm also working on the Persimmon Mystery Quilt #21,but that is resting in the container waiting for the next clue. This has been on my design wall for a while and I work on it in fits and starts. Used a pillow panel I already had, so needed to 'do the math' to make the stars, etc. to make the panel the size in the pattern. Onward now!!

  3. awwww I wanna play so bad! I just can't.... I have an airforce Korea Vet turning 80 in Feb. special request from his sonj (my biker partner) and then our fundraiser is in March...I have to have at least 6 QOV's ready for then :O ugh...I can do it I can do it! lol... I love watching yall progress!