Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spotlight Sunday

This Sunday Spotlight Quilt of Valor person (okay people!!) Are:

Tink and Dick L in the SE Wisconsin quilt of Valor group. First off - you need to know that these are some very very very prolific people.... Second, you need to know that a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate might be wise at this point....

Did you get it? Alright - we are ready to rock and roll!!

First off - Meet Dick L. He rocks! He Rules! He Quilts!!! This is Dick's first pieced quilt in progress. He is using blocks they recieved from Sew Cal Gals block drive for QOV!! A group effort -- LOVE IT!!

On the 4th Saturday of Each Month

Staff open early for us at 9:30 so we can get the coffee brewing, the extension cords &  machines set up, and the irons plugged in. We always do a potluck so the kitchen counters, fridge, and stove top are quickly filled with goodies. We meet the fourth Saturday of every month - except December.

We are totally casual - show up when you can, stay as long as you can, and if you don’t bring a project, we’ll be happy to put you to work! We always do a ‘show and tell’ of members creations before getting to work. We are blessed to have a delightful and dedicated group of quilters
and invite anyone in the area (or visiting) to join us (one quilter drives 90 miles each way!) Skill level doesn’t matter - just come with a smile and you’ll fit right in!

Up-coming EventsMarch 2012

Dick and I ( Tink) will be doing a QOV program for a guild on the west side of the Milwaukee Metro Area. Dick usually does the speaking - the ladies seem to really appreciate a man who speaks quiltese! Dick will also be able to show off the first QOV that he pieced on his own!

 Wisconsin ( Dick & I attended the GFWC’s 2011 annual convention in Tomah, WI where we presented QOVs to members of the Color Guard and to the Mayor - all Veterans!
MAY 2012:   Again this year Quilts of Valor is the President’s Special Project for the Greater Federation of Women's Clubs -

That generated a great deal of enthusiasm among the members, who had made quilts for us. After the presentation and program, several members took quilts home with them to make local presentations. We are honored to again be invited to this year’s annual convention, here in Milwaukee

Quilts of Valor will again have a display at the annual University Days at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts ( on May 11th & 12th. This annual event draws quilters and fiber artists from around the upper Midwest for two days of classes, demos, and lectures.

This year’s featured luncheon speakers will be Nancy Zieman (“Sewing with Nancy”) on Friday, and Carol Butzke, a well known quilter, AQS certified quilt historian, appraiser, judge, and author on Saturday. Dick mans the booth and that always attracts the ladies!

( the above two pictures are of the 4H group!)

Earlier this year Dick did a quick program for a 4H group in Cedarburg and worked with them on creating quilt tops. In October several students presented us with their completed QOVs at a ceremony at the WI Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts. We look forward to a continued sewing relationship with the 4H!

Books for Soldiers
We have a wonderful relationship with Karen, the mover behind the local Books for Soldiers group, operating out of the Franklin (WI) Public Library ( ).
At a pillowcase sewing day in May we were able to present a Quilt of Valor to a local soldier home from Afghanistan. ( picture above)

 In November one of Karen’s volunteers (and an Army mom) personally delivered one of our QOVs to a soldier at the VA hospital in Tampa, FL. Several of her regular volunteers are interested getting involved in Quilts of Valor, so we hope to get regular QOV sewing days scheduled there.

Jason Moon is a Wisconsin singer/songwriter and Veteran of the Iraq & Afghanistan wars.  We presented him with a musically themed QOV created by our Peggy Mislock of Pennsylvania.  (he was performing at a fund raiser for the Homeless Veterans Initiative)
So are you all worn out yet? I got tired just thinking about organizing all this... and I rarely tire!! These two and their groups are SO impressive. I can't figure out what my favorite part is... but the 4H stuff is pretty cool!!  Teaching these up and coming quilters - I LOVE it!!
Hope you enjoyed this spotlight. If you live in any of these areas and want to drop in or get involved - please do - they would love to have you!
Several of our quilters have been working with their 4H members on creating Quilts of Valor.

May 2012

On Saturday, January 28th we will kick off our third year of monthly gatherings at Ye Olde Schoolhouse Quilts in Cedarburg, WI (A 2010 Top Ten Shop located at 318 Green Bay Rd., Cedarburg, WI - 262-377-2770 ).


  1. I really enjoyed this spotlight and am thinking I need to take a road trip and join them on a 4th Friday of the month one day. Three cheers for Dick and Tink and all who sew the Quilts of Valor!!

  2. This is awesome. All the work and enjoyment of what goes into a QOV! You guys ROCK!

  3. Simply amazing! I, too, am worn out by this report! I hope to get energized soon, though!