Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Young 91

I had a delightful time this afternoon in Cody, Wyoming where I presented a QOV to a young man of 91 who served this country during WWII. He is home-bound due to failing health, has difficulty hearing, but knew why I was there and proudly received his quilt.
Two days ago I received the request via QOVF website from his daughter. I called her last night, made plans to make the award today as I had a doctor's appointment already scheduled in this community which is 2 hours from my home -- thus making timing of this request perfect to fit the award into my schedule! 

He was at home with his wife and one of his daughters present for this important event in their long lives. According to his wife, he has not be able to go on a Wyoming Honor Flight due to his health, nor has he been able (nor offered) any such honor as he has in receiving this quilt. He told me stories about joining the Coast Guard thinking he would be guarding the US coast. Instead he was shipped out of Seattle to Guadal Canal and Australia (among other areas) where he hauled, via tug boats, armaments and supplies to soldiers in place there. On one such trip through to Guadal Canal he experienced 3 bullets go whizzing past his ear, one after another, "but they didn't hit me," George exclaimed. He also was among those who picked up our soldiers' bodies from the Batan Death march. 

This family is so proud of their husband/father that they requested the local newspaper to come take photos and report on the quilt presentation. They also wanted Quilts of Valor to get some publicity! Bless their hearts!

I really enjoyed the hour or so I spent with this family. And it was even more special because it is so close to the 4th of July!

Have a wonderful Independence Day!

Stephanie Logan
Wyoming Coordinator


  1. I Lost An Uncle In The Batan Death March. Thank You Sir For Your Service.

  2. what a nice way to thank someone for their service. it was also great that you could spend an hour with the family. great job! great quilt!