Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Under Our Wings – BAE Systems ATC QOV Bee

A group of BAE Systems employees has been meeting at lunchtime to work on quilt tops and backs to support the QOV foundation. We work at Navy base in Southern Maryland. I’ve been making QOVs for a while and wanted to share this with friends. The number of people participating at each session has varied from 3 to 4 at a session. Since I am a newbie at directing a bee and none of the other participants were quilters, I picked Eleanor Burns Log Cabin Star pattern, making the width of the logs narrower to make the quilt more complex. The centers were fussy cut from a fabric with patriotic motifs that were perfect for a QOV. We meet once a week and I bring my sewing machine and tote with all the tools required. There are enough things to keep us busy; one person sews, while the others do the pinning, cutting, and pressing. This first quilt was done by Karen Bohn, Sheila Coon, Kelly Shields, Cathy Adams, Dawn Gatton, and Derek Tenney; Sue Selby Moats did the longarm quilting. We are almost done with our second quilt top and hope to have a picture soon. It is a nice break in the workday to help support our troops in another way.

Debbie Francisco
Saint Leonard, Maryland

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