Saturday, January 1, 2011

We don't always get a personal Thank you...

Here is a recent reply from Ellen to a topper who was concerned that she didn’t get thank you notes or anything except an acknowledgment email that the quilt had be received by the POC:

Please be assured that most of our quilters only receive some type of form letter noting that their quilt has been received. Every now and then a quilter will hear directly from the recipient. It is very special when that happens of course, but since it isn't common I think that we need to remember that a lot of the recipients just can't write thank you notes either because of physical impairments or psychological ones and therefore we just need to "know" that the quilt is welcomed and useful. Hopefully one day when the warrior is "in a better place" a note may be written.

The journal that we request is so the recipient will know that they are thought of and appreciated. The self-addressed postcard is so the point of contact (POC) that you are actually sending your quilt can easily let you know it has arrived. Since you are getting email confirmations, as many do, you may choose to forego the postcard if you are sending a note with your email address. Many of the POCs find it just as easy to send you the notices via email and then you also have a record in case you are planning on using it as a deduction on your taxes.

I do not think that you need to be worried that the quilts are not getting to those in need. I know they are! Our POCs constantly tell me that they can use so many more than they receive from us. Please continue to make QOVs as we are still a nation at war and therefore we still have many warriors that are in need.

Thank you,
Ellen Patton
Destination Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation

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