Saturday, January 1, 2011

Veteran's History Project

By Susan C. Slaninka

I attended a Veteran’s Day event this week which is always very inspiring to me. This year’s special recognition was given to the women in the military. There were well over twenty five women who had served from WWII on through today’s war in Afghanistan. Each woman was recognized with a certificate of appreciation for their service. One of the Navy women, who had served in Vietnam, was the featured speaker and she gave a wonderful history on the journey that women have had to take as they have wanted to serve our country. She was given a standing ovation by those attending.

Because we all have an interest in the veteran population, I thought you might be interested in another important effort, the Veteran’s History Project sponsored by the Library of Congress. The mission of the Veteran’s History Project is to collect and archive the personal recollections of veterans as a way to honor their service and share their stories with current and future generations. The Project also collects stories from homefront civilians who worked in support of our armed forces. I just completed the training to be an interviewer for this project and would encourage you to explore this worthwhile project at In addition, if you know any veterans and I know that many of you do, please encourage them to be interviewed as part of this effort.

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