Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Very Welcomed Call

On June 18, 2007 I visited the Mologne House at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC on a trip facilitated by my then Congressman, Mike Ferguson, to give quilts to our wounded soldiers. I presented 6 quilts that I had made and 13 quilts made by members of the Courthouse Quilters Guild of Hunterdon County NJ.

Although all the quilt makers included a personal letter wishing the recipient well, only one quilt maker got a response -- until last night. Last night, December 23rd, out of the blue, I got a telephone call from Mark M___ of Florida who had received one of my quilts on that
day. We had a wonderful conversation for at least a half hour.

Three months before our visit to Walter Reed, on March 2, 2007, the bottom of both of his feet were blown off, to the bone. 58 surgeries later, having refused amputation, he walks with barely a limp! The story of his recovery is inspirational. He promises that he will send a jpg of himself with "my" quilt. I can't wait!

I am equally proud of the country that could and did provide the incredible medical care he received that made the resumption of his life possible.

You can read his story here:

I am rejoicing with the memory of Mark's call, and the confirmation that the quilt gave the comfort it was intended to give. Merry Christmas indeed!

Judy Grow

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