Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seaport Quilter Guild QOV Presentation

Attached is a picture of Mike B., a Vietnam Veteran, from Clarkston, WA. I had the pleasure of making and presenting Mike with this Quilt of Valor at our local Seaport Quilters Guild Quilt Show in April 2010.

I was asked to do a QOV presentation on the two days of the show. The first day we presented 4 of our local National Guard members with their QOV's. The second day was reserved for three of our first Vietnam Veteran's and 1 Korean War Veteran. Mike wept openly at the presentation, accepting the quilt on behalf of all who served in Vietnam, those who returned and those who did not.

Imagine my surprise, when a few weeks later, Mike emailed me this picture of him holding his quilt in front of "The Wall". This picture is as cherished by me as his quilt is cherished by him. His comment was "We can finally begin to heal!"

A letter was recently published in the Lewiston Morning Tribune by Jack Cluff, a Vietnam Vet. He thanked the Lewis-Clark QOV program for "your hard work to give something back to our troops" who are and have served this country. "The horror of combat at such a young age will be with us for the rest of our lives, but thanks to Americans like yourself, we are becoming proud American veterans again."

Sharon Ledbetter
Lewis-Clark QOV

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