Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At The County Fair

From Lincoln, Nebraska
Monday night the 4H students of York held their Style Revue and Bed Turning. In addition to their clothing accomplishments, these young seamstresses completed 24 Quilts of Valor, that will be displayed at the country fair before being sent off to deserving veterans. 
This photo shows an inter generational Quilt of Valor, made by family members, as well as these two young girls. It was quilted by a grandmother's cousin. Joan is also a member of our Lincoln QOV group. 
Finally, our own long-armer, Julia, quilted seven of these 4H Quilts of Valor. Not only are these 4-H students developing life long skills, but also devoting their time to honor our vets. 


  1. How Wonderful! Each and every Quilt of Valor you have each created is so amazing. CONGRATS to ALL the participants on their Quilts of Valor...Bravo, - Superbly Done!!

    Thank You ALL for everything you do for,
    ~Deb Lindley/East Central IL State Coordinator

  2. As a 4H leader in Michigan and QOV quilter, I am very impressed! Good work girls! I love the idea of your Style Show and Bed Turning! Very creative.

  3. Kudos to the 4-Hers and their helpers (family and other long arm quilters)!