Monday, July 14, 2014

This Is My Quilt of Valor

This is my Quilt of Valor. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Quilt is my gift. It represents my service life. I will appreciate it, as it was made in appreciation of me. My Quilt, without being made with love and support, would be meaningless. Without love and support, my service is meaningless. I must keep my Quilt always. I must respect those who show respect to me. I must remember my time of service along with those who remembered me. I will... My Quilt and I know that what counts in serving our country is not the places we've gone, the things we've done, or the battles we've fought. We know standing for those in need makes it count. For them, we will stand... My Quilt of Valor is proud, as am I, because it reflects kindness found in American life. Thus, I will love it as a brother. I will love its wearing, its tearing, its patterns, its threads, its comfort, its true meaning, and its creators. I will keep my Quilt dear and close, even as I am held dear and close. We will become part of each other. We will... Before God, I thank my supporters. My Quilt and the military are symbols of the services dedicated to our country. We are the pride of the people who made us. We will hold the memories of our military service life. So be it, until we lay to rest and there is no enemy, but peace!


  1. Wow, how eloquent from a lady warrior!! Thank you for your service and your most profound thoughts.

  2. and i agree.. such loving words when comparing 'serving' our country to 'sewing' a quilt: there is quite a world of difference. you are a beautiful woman.
    and so is the quilt, thanks to the maker!

  3. Your quilt was made and given with love, and you accepted it with great honor. Thank you so much for your service to our country!