Monday, August 11, 2014

These guys are our heroes!

Hey- we did it!  
Had the most wonderful experience awarding 5 (1 in memorium) QOV's on Saturday at our annual guild quilt show to some terrific WWII and Korea veterans from our local Senior home here in our valley. We had planned on 5 presentations, but sadly one gentleman passed away the night before the presentation and another one was ill so I only had 3 actually make it to the event- but what special men those 3 were! The one in the black cowboy hat is 97 years old- and walked the 6 blocks to the event!! What a guy!! Everyone cried, including many of the general visitors who just happened to have stopped by as they were going thru our  quilt show! I was able to give the QOV that had been made for the veteran that passed away, to his grandson, who is on active duty but happened to be home on leave. Small miracles do happen. What a day- one I do not think they or anyone present will ever forget. 
These guys are our heroes!

And as a little side note, I had a QOVF "booth" at the quilt show and got great response from the local community with many promises for future support- couldn't ask for anything better!


Kathy Coontz,  Montana SW State Coordinator

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  1. It was an amazing presentation - thank you, Kathy, for that wonderful moment with our Veteran's. Everyone was touched. You're the best!