Monday, September 24, 2012

Retired Alaskan Combat Veterans Enjoy Quilts of Valor

After gathering in Wasilla, Alaska, to sew a mystery designed by Le Ann Weaver, many of the quilters presented their finished quilts to family and friends.

Viet Nam veteran, Dave B. enjoys the love and warmth of the quilt made by his wife Kathy while he sits in his recliner on cool Alaskan nights. Dave spent his tours as a helicopter pilot hovering over the jungles of Viet Nam rescuing injured Americans and retrieving downed aircraft. Thank you Dave for bringing our injured to safety!

Kim O. retired from the Air Force after serving our country both in Iraq and here at home for many years. Her friend, Mary T. presented her quilt in front of quilting friends soon after the sew-in.  Her husband, Roger, also received a slightly different variation of this design in recognition of his combat service as a National Guardsman. We all appreciate the efforts both Kim and Roger have given to keep us free!

A Korean War veteran received his Quilt of Valor at his home in near Wasilla recently, just two days before heading in for surgery. His response was “I’ve never had a quilt of my own before! This quilt will be well used while I spend time resting after surgery.”

That same day, a Viet Nam veteran was visited by representatives of VFW Post 9365, Wasilla, Alaska and QOV Regional Coordinator Linda K. where he was presented with his Quilt of Valor to show our appreciation for his service and offer comfort. Again, he mentioned how he’ll be using that quilt as he sleeps in his recliner after his chemo treatments. “Look at the back! Those eagles and the waving flag…just beautiful.” Then his wife reminded him to look at the front. “It’s beautiful, too. Just beautiful.” His wife then added, “What you are doing is so special, and much appreciated.”

Submittedby Linda K

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  1. Just look at those glowing smiles!