Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nebraska 4H and QOV

NEBRASKA 4-H donated 80 Quilts of Valor in a ceremony at the Nebraska
State Fair in Grand Island, NE on September 1, 2012. The QOVs were
constructed by over 200 4-H members and leaders in 44 counties across the
state. In addition to making Quilts of Valor, 4-H members also produced
public service announcements and presentations featuring QOV and QOVF.
The QOVs, which had all been displayed at local county fairs, were on
display in a special room during the entire duration of the State Fair.

Kathleen L, Associate Dean at the University of Nebraska's Institute of
Agriculture and Natural Resources commended the 4-Hers on their
achievements and thanked them for their community service; Dr L also
reminded attendees that in addition to the community service aspect of
QOVs, 4-H members also honed their math, science, design and project
planning skills while making their quilts. Phyllis S, Extension
Educator thanked the 4-Hers and applauded their efforts, noting that in
2012 the 4-Hers made twice the number of QOVs donated in 2011, the first
year of the 4-H QOV Challenge. Do we dare hope to double the number again
in 2013?????

Julia and Sara had the privilege of attending the ceremony and accepting
the quilts on behalf of the Foundation. After the conclusion of the Fair,
the QOVs will be displayed at the Fairbury, NE Quilt Guild and then
brought to our homes to be washed and prepared for distribution. All of
the 4-H QOVs have pillowcases and labels, and many have journals as well. 
We plan to distribute the NE 4-H QOVs to the Nebraska National Guard and
to destinations assigned by the QOV Foundation.

Sara K.
Central Midwest Region


  1. Saw all the quilts at the State Fair . . . wonderful!

  2. WOW! That is impressive! Inspiring kids and lovely quilts!

  3. What a great job they did. Thank you.