Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marine Corp Meeting

Lewis-Clark Quilts of Valor presented 6 Quilts of Valor at the monthly
Marine Corps League meeting.  One of the recipients was Sharon, now
retired, who was both a Vietnam and Dessert Storm nurse.   Sharon worked at
Walter Reed and seen the importance of our quilts.  She was deeply touch to
receive her quilt.

Stan had the honor of receiving an Al Lind quilt.  It was fitting for one
of members of this League to receive such a special quilt.  Most of the men
in this group are Vietnam Veterans.  They are a very active group in our
local community.  I find it uplifting to see men, as deeply wounded as they
have been, continuing to serve their fellow man with malice towards none.
They were the first to step forward and help with our QOV fundraising

I was honored, following the presentation, to be asked, along with my
husband, to be their Guest of Honor at their annual Marine Corps Ball this
year.  It was my turn to melt into a puddle of tears before them.  I love
these guys (gals).

Honoring those touched by war
Sharon L
Idaho Regional Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation

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  1. Wow, Sharon, what an honor you have received! Have a great time at the Ball! All those men in uniform, how could you not??