Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cozad, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska, a town of 4,000 is situated in central Nebraska, exactly on the 100th Meridian.  The 100th Meridian is an important natural demarcation line where "the humid east meets the arid west."  Therefore, when you visit Cozad, you are officially in the West, and you certainly do experience the famous western hospitality in this Nebraska town.

As part of its Memorial Day celebration, the 100th Meridian Museum in Cozad featured 18 Quilts of Valor which were displayed throughout the Museum.  The Museum, which is a completely volunteer endeavor includes memorabilia from Cozad's pioneer history.  One of my favorite displays is the mobile popcorn stand (notice the pinwheel QOV displayed in the window of the stand?) which was actually in use in the town through the 1960's, (until the movie theater got its own popcorn machine).  Another impressive display is Veteran's Memorial Park which was outfitted with dozens of flags for Memorial Day.

Finally, as part of its QOV event, the 100th Meridian Museum is hosting guests from the local quilt shop, Prairie Point Junction, during its Second Saturday Sampler on June 9.

The Quilts of Valor on display at the Museum are on loan from the Central Midwest Region QOV group.  This particular group of QOVs features quilts made by 4-H members from Otoe and Buffalo Counties, Nebraska as well as quilters from Lincoln, Hickman, and Eagle, Nebraska.  QOV volunteers from Cozad and nearby Kearney also provided support for the QOV event at the Museum.  Once the QOVs finish their tenure in Cozad, are slated for distribution to the Nebraska National Guard and the Warrior Transition Battalion at Ft Campbell, Kentucky.

For more information about Cozad, the 100th Meridian Museum and Prairie Point Junction, please visit:

Submitted by:
Sara Kenny
Central Midwest Region Coordinator (NE, IA, KS)
Quilts of Valor Foundation

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