Wednesday, June 13, 2012


On July 8, 2009, Barbara File sent a quilt to Dover, thru the US Post office and it never made it there. She had tracking that showed it arrived in Philadelphia transfer station, but it never left.  After many phone called and no quilt, Barbara said the next quilts she will drive there herself.

 On March 4th 2012, Barbara and her friend Debby Pullen of Little Egg Harbor drove to Dover AFB for the second deliver of two quilts. One made by Barbara and the other by Lovisa Hill of Pieceful Shore Quilt Guild.

They were met 2nd Lt. Lori Fiorello and were escorted to the mortuary. There they were met by Commander Thomas Joyce who is pictured holding a quilt made by Lovisa Hill.

There is a photo of Barbara in the ceremonial area and the Koi pond which are fed by Chaplains, but they always want more food.

2nd Lt. Fiorello took them to her office and is shown looking at the quilt made by Barbara File.

 The next photo is Commander Joyce presenting a “Coin  of Excellence” to Barbara  in front of a Quilt of Valor wall hanging. Debby also received a coin.

The picture was in the uniform shop with Staff Sgt. Connie Martinez and Airman 1st Class Jordan Webber, explaining the significance of the room.

This is the coin presented to Barbara and Debby. It is presented to someone that is doing good, but does not warrant an official award.

Barbara’s quilt will be resented to Christen Michaud and Lovisa’s quilt will be presented to Col. Sharon Banister. Barbara and Debby are planning their next trip with more quilts. It was unexpected and emotional experience, and one they will never forget


  1. Yeah!! They got coined! It's a really big honor to have someone give you a coin when you aren't in the military!