Tuesday, June 19, 2012


On Saturday June 16, I had the distinct honor to present a Quilt of Valor to Capt. D (airforce).  Being that it was Father's Day weekend, his parents were in from the East coast and they were able to be present for the presentation which made it very special to him.  He is no longer active duty but now helps our PTSD veterans here at the Tucson VA.  What a wonderful opportunity to meet a man who is still giving to our country.  He is a father of 2 beautiful boys, just as cute as can be.

Arizona is busy, busy, busy with QOV's.  I have 10 more individual presentations to schedule and this week I will drop off 9 QOV's to the Tucson Va which will bring our total there so far to 29 since April.  They have such a huge need and our piecers and quilters here in AZ are very busy trying to keep up.  Not only that, we have 2 to send to Meryl in NY for the Women's retreat upstate for their next event.

On Saturday, June 30 I will be holding my first QOV sewing event here at my studio.  I'm looking forward to meeting a few sewers and my goal is to complete a couple tops that day.  I'm slowly growing into this role of Regional Coordinator for my new home state, meeting fellow QOV'ers, finding quilt shops, and trying to keep up with building contractors here at our home.... sometimes there just aren't enough hours in a day, but we're getting it organized and when I look at the numbers so far here, I am thrilled!  Arizona QOV'ers are awesome and so supportive of our troops and veterans!

Jackie Dudek
Arizona Regional Coordinator

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