Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oklahoma News

*********Article from Osage County Historical Society /  Photo  from *Shidler

The latest publicity ....

the Osage County Historical Society has a news booklet they mail out called
the chronicle and we were on Page # 3 !
The quilt / info will be on display  this week thru the month of July  ...
and we hope to have a DVD running with quilt photos.
The Museum will be giving special recognition to Veterans that visit during
this time.

Shidler review shows us celebrating with a cake,  Lea Nelson brought.
Since she keeps track of "where" we are,  she knew we would log
in quilt # 300 that day and surprised us all,  what a thoughtful person !

AND....  we've been approached about doing a display in Pawhuska...
            at Machine Quilter's showcase in Kansas City this week...  I
bought a pattern, the designer asked if I did quilts of Valor... So I had
to BRAG on
            all of YOU and the amazing way it's came together !!    She is
from Idaho, and had heard of OUR group.... gave me 3 more patterns for QoV !
            Her son is an Army Ranger, just returned from Afgahan.,... and
She is quite involved with the QoV foundation  "national".

And... why we do this,  last week when contact was made with the Combat Vet
Center in Tulsa for delivery of 16 quilts.. They were THRILLED  !

Submitted by Cynthia


  1. Can you share the name of this designer so we can support her by purchasing her patterns?

  2. Cynthia, I hope you can share the designer and her patterns for her. We all love patterns designed for QOV