Monday, April 16, 2012

QOV in Afghanistan


Just wanted to send a few pics.  We are at FOB Orgun-E (near the Pak
border).  Your quilts arrived and we are turning them over to the Field
Surgical Team here.  They would have a better chance being "packaged" up
with the soldiers we pick up from the frontline on the border and ensured
that the quilts continue on with the soldiers all the way back to the

It is a big morale booster for me and my guys to be able to hand these
quilts out to the soldiers.  My team is pretty much all over the place and
never stay in one spot.  I cannot express how much it means for the
support that your group displays in making these quilts.  I try to include
the email addresses of the people that send us quilts and sure that I have
not covered everyone.  Just reading Jean's letter attached to one of the
quilts about how over 100 ladies spend their time making quilts for us is
overwhelming.  Please send thanks out to all the quilters around the
country from the different States.  One of our favorite past times about
receiving the quilts is seeing if a quilt came from one of our soldiers'
home state.  Thank you from my DUSTOFF crew.

Our time is short though and we are looking forward to being back in the
States.  I am going to talk to some of the FSTs or the Bagram hospital and
see if there is a good contact if you would like to continue sending more
quilts.  I know the Bagram hospital is where most of the cases funnel thru
back to the States.

Hope all is well back home!

Very Respectfully,

Franklin W.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow.. what wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing.

    2. WOW is right. Hope to be able join in making quilts soon.

  2. I love this. Great photos. Doesn't it just make you want to get back to the sewing machine.